Best Roblox VR Games You Should Try In November 2022

VR makes the Roblox gaming experience more immersive. Here are some of the best paid and free Roblox VR games you should try.

There are thousands of Roblox some of them are VR compatible while some of them are solely made to be enjoyed with a VR set. In case you have got a new VR set or just want to try some new Roblox games read till the end. Here’s a list of top Roblox VR games you should be playing.

Best Roblox VR Games To Play In November 2022

VR Hands

roblox vr
Just like its name the game is all about hands and what you do with them. An open-world VR game with the sole objective of picking up things and pushing people with your huge hands. The game more of a chill open-world game that you can play if you want to have some VR fun. Players can also interact with other VR players. If you just want to knock over some players this is the game for you.


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Let’s get into some high-intensity VR action. Edgeworks will make solve multiple puzzles against a ticking clock and you can also test a variety of guns. The game won’t be the best choice if you are a VR rookie as you will need to be very fast. A downside of Edgeworks is that it will cost you 450 Robux, which is a bit expensive but worth it.

Laser Tag VR

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The name of the game should be enough to have you intrigued. Laser Tag VR will get you that immersive laser tag experience sitting at home. While it might not be as fun as actual Laser Tag the game has all the elements and is the next best thing.

VR Escape Room

roblox vr
This game will take the escape room anxiety to another level because of it’s immersive nature. VR Escape Room will have you solve puzzles and find breakout items. The game will test your hand-eye coordination as well so make sure you practice a bit before playing it. The biggest plus point is that VR Escape Room is free.


roblox vr
Opposer VR is a physics-based fighting game that will have you free-falling from huge walls. The game also has a wide variety of guns that you can try while jumping through high rises or just having fun with your friends. The game is inaccessible to non-VR users so you might not see many people playing this.

The games mentioned above aren’t ranked in any way as we believe they are equally fun to play. Many might agree or disagree with the list all we want you to do is at least try out all the games mentioned.

That’s all for this one, do check out a comprehensive list of Roblox Codes to stay a step ahead of the game.