Roblox My Kingdom Codes (2023)

Want to redeem My Kingdom codes? Check out this guide.

By My Kingdom codes, you can avail in-game resources such as Gold, Boosts, etc. as rewards for free. These extra resources can come in handy while upgrading the items in your kingdom. In this guide, we have covered the list of gift codes that you can redeem in the game.

Along with the codes list, we have explained the steps to redeem them. Check out this guide and learn all about the gift codes and rewards.

My Kingdom Gift Codes (June 2023)

My Kingdom Codes

Here, we have covered the list of codes for My Kingdom below. These codes are active for now but can expire in a short period of time. Hence, ensure you redeem them as soon as possible and claim your freebies before the time runs out.

  • Gold – Redeem this code to get Gold (x1,000) free
  • HappyHolidays – Redeem this code to get Gold (x1,000) free
  • Treasure – Redeem this code to get Gold (x1,000) free

Expired Codes

These codes are no longer valid and will not drop any rewards. Kindly, do not attempt to redeem them.

  • Fortunately, there are no invalid codes in the game as of now.

How to Redeem Codes in My Kingdom

My Kingdom Codes

We have explained the steps to redeem codes in the game below. Follow the steps and redeem the codes at the earliest.

  • Launch My Kingdom on your device
  • Click on the Blue Bird icon on the left side
  • Insert the Gift Code in the text box
  • Click on the Enter button below to claim freebies

How to Get More Codes

In order to get more codes, you have to follow the official handles of Twitter and YouTube. Also, you can join the official Discord community to check for updates. Or, you can simply bookmark this page and revisit here as we keep updating the guides as per the official announcements from the developers.

That’s all about redeeming My Kingdom codes. If you play Roblox titles frequently, make sure to check out other similar articles and redeem My Island Resort Codes and My Hello Kitty Cafe Codes.