How To Use Bank In Roblox Pet Simulator X?

Here is everything you need to know before you enter the bank in Pet Simulator X.

The bank is a new feature added in Pet Simulator X where players can keep all the pets and diamonds safe. When you keep diamonds in the bank you gain interest from them. Read this article till the end to know how you can keep all your cute pets safe in the bank in Pet Simulator X and gain interest from the diamonds that you store there.

Here is a complete Pet Simulator X bank guide that will help you with all the details about bank and get you maximum diamonds in return.

Pet Simulator X: Where To Find The Bank & How To Enter It?

bank in Pet Simulator X

There are three locations in Pet Simulator X where you can find the Bank. Check out the list below and head towards the bank’s nearest location.

  1. Spawn World next to the eggs and the Gold Pets machine.
  2. Fantasy World which is near the Pet Collection machine.
  3. Tech World.

These are the three locations in three different worlds in Pet Simulator where you can find the bank. Once you reach there you will see a circle highlighted around it. Enter into that circle to get inside the bank.

Once you get inside the bank, you will need to create or purchase an account to store your pets and diamonds. The account will cost you 7.5 million diamonds and will give you one shelf that you can upgrade. You can use this bank account for yourself and can share it with your friends. But you make sure you share it with your real-world friends only to not get bankrupt as the person you share your account with can take up all your savings.

What Are Tiers In Bank And How To Upgrade Them?

The tiers in the bank are basically shelves where you can store a certain number of pets and diamonds. Higher the tier higher you will gain interest on the diamonds that you stored. You can upgrade these tiers either by purchasing them with diamonds or by Robux in Pet Simulator X. Check out the table below to know more about each tier in the bank.

Tiers Pets Diamonds Players
Tier 1 40 Pets 50 Million 1 Player
Tier 2 95 Pets 225 Million 2 Players
Tier 3 200 Pets 1 Billion 3 Players
Tier 4 500 Pets 5 Billion 4 Players
Tier 5 950 Pets 20 Billion 5 Players
Tier 6 1400 Pets 80 Billion 5 Players
Tier 7 2500 Pets 250 Billion 6 Players

Upgrade your bank account to the max and get the maximum perks from it in the game. The interest that you earn from diamonds is updated in your account every day and this is one of the easiest ways to earn profit from the bank.

This is everything you need to know about the bank in Pet Simulator X. Check out another article on all bank Pet Simulator X codes to get exclusive gifts in the game.