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Roblox Nerf Guns: Types, Price, Codes And More (November 2022)

Here is everything you need to know before you perchase your Nerf gun!

one of the After Roblox toys now there are Roblox weapons are out for sale in the market. Yes, you heard me right. There are dummy weapons inspired by Roblox games that are out for sale on market. These weapons are called Roblox Nerf guns and are available to purchase online.  The Nerf guns are made by Hasbro and there are a total of 6 weapons realized as of now but soon there will be more.

The best part about these guns is, they come with a secret Roblox code inside them that can help you get many in-game items. To know more about these weapons read this article till the end and find all the details about it.

All Roblox Nerf Guns List (2022)

1. Bee-

Roblox Nerf Guns

The bee is inspired by an Ultra rear bee pet in the Roblox Adopt Me! It’s a blaster gun available to purchase for around $10-15 online. It comes with 8 darts and a revolver-like lever action blaster gun and a secret code inside it.

2. Boom Strike

Roblox Nerf Guns

Boom Strike is a micro-shot blaster gun from a Roblox game called Strucid. It is a single-shot weapon and comes in a combination of white and orange colors. It comes with 10 Dart Clips and 10 AccuStrike Ultra Darts and is available for around $40.

3. Boxy Buster

Roblox Nerf Guns

The Boxy Buster is a single-shot blaster gun inspired by the ZIP 22 weapon from the Roblox game Phantom Forces. This Roblox Nerf gun is that of a similar gun to Boom Strike. It comes with 2 darts and is painted in vibrant green color.

4. Plasma Ray

Roblox Nerf Guns

Plasma ray is one of the best Roblox Nerf guns inspired by Roblox Death Ray. It comes with 2 elite darts, a secret promo code and can be purchased for around $10.

5. Pulse Laser

Roblox Nerf Guns

The Pulse Laser is a Roblox Nerf gun blaster that comes with a ten dart clip, ten Elite Darts. It requires four “AA” batteries to be operated. The gun is inspired by the Roblox Arsenal game.

6. Shark Seeker

Roblox Nerf Guns

Shark seeker is a cool orange colored gun with a black top fin like a shark. It comes with 3 mega darts and it is inspired by the popular Roblox game  Murder Mystery 2.

These are all the Roblox Nerf Guns available to purchase on market so far. Bookmark and visit here again as we will be updating this page as soon as the new Nerf guns are out in the store!

How To Redeem Roblox Nerf Guns Codes?

1. Launch the Roblox game on your device.
2. Find the redeem Code option in the respective game.
3. Type the code that you received in the package.
4. Hit the redeem button.
5. Check your inventory for the items received.

Here we come to the end of Roblox Nerf Guns Guide. Check out another article on Roblox toy codes to redeem codes and get free in-game goodies.