How To Find & Get Forbidden Marker In Find The Markers

Wondering how to get a forbidden marker, check out this article.

There are several markers in this game with different levels of difficulty and you have to collect them all to get a prize. In this article, you’ll find out how to find and get the forbidden marker in Roblox Find the Marker. A forbidden marker is an extreme difficulty level of markers.

How to Find and Get Forbidden Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Forbidden Marker In Roblox
Image Credit: leeuh on YouTube

Light Brown House

  • In your starting location, you’ll see three boards covering the statue in the center, one side will be open take the stairs from that side.
  • You’ll see a light brown color house in front of you. Enter it, at one side of the house you’ll UNO card.
  • And wild card pray to him will be written there, then on the bottom of your screen you’ll see a message box, click on it.
  • A shout window will open, type “I hate wild card“.

Dark Area

  • You’ll get teleported to a location, which is very dark so it would be better to increase your brightness level before coming here.
  • Search through the area to find a white door, and open it by pressing E.
  • A UNO card is chasing you, beware of it or you’ll have to start again.
  • You’ll enter a maze, walk straight then turn right.
  • Keep walking and turning until you reach a point with two directions, turn left from here.
  • If you keep walking here you’ll get to a point with many routes.
  • Take first left, then again turn left, then take a right.
  • You’ll see an opening, where a carpet of four colors is placed on the floor.
  • Route might not be the same in every server, but you have to look for the room with color carpet and alphabet on the wall.

Wall With Alphabets

  • Enter that room and go to the left corner, and keep walking straight, until you see an opening, enter it.
  • Here you have to go through different routes and look for the white door.
  • Once you found the white door, press E to enter, and in front of you, you’ll see a red and white marker.
  • When you approach it, on the bottom right corner of your screen you’ll see a message “Unlocked Forest Halo!” and Badge Awarded.
  • And on the screen you’ll see you found a forbidden marker.

It’s a big maze, with an indefinite route as of now, in this article you found out how to find and get a forbidden marker in Roblox Find the Markers. If you want to read more articles related to this game check out what does afk means.