DamonBux 2022: How To Get Free Robux From Damon Bux?

Players can buy all in-game items using Robux in any Roblox games. Let's see how to get free Robux from Damonbux and if it is Legit or Scam.

Players need Robux to buy any skin, weapon, character or other in-game items in any of the Roblox games. The only way to get Robux is by buying them. This is why many players look for sites that give Robux for free and DamonBux is one of them. While some claim that DamonBux works but there is always an added risk as well. Let’s see how to get Robux from DamonBux and how it can impact your Roblox account.

How To Get Free Robux From DamonBux?

Players will have to watch some videos, complete a survey or answer some questions to get the Robux for free from Damobux. Let’s see the whole process of getting free Robux.

  • Search Damobux on Google or click here to go to the website.
  • Once on the website, you will see a textbox, enter your Roblox ID and press “continue”
  • You will see three packages specifying the amount of Robux you want. Click on the one you want and again press the “continue” button.
  • Click on the “verify” button and you will get the task you have to do to get Robux. It can be anything from watching videos to filling survey’s.
  • Once the task is done click on the “Payout” button
  • You might or might not have to follow a group to transfer the free Robux you earned. (the process keeps changing)
  • Enter your Roblox Id in the textbox again and you will see the Robux have been credited to your Roblox account.

Damonbux boasts that they don’t charge any transfer fees so all the Roblox you earn will be transferred. They also don’t ask the password of your Roblox ID, hence ensuring that your Roblox account will be safe.

Repercussions Of Using Damonbux

Damonbux is a third party site, while you don’t give your Roblox password you do give your ID which is still a risk. Many players have got their accounts hacked while many have gotten banned as well. We would recommend you to go the legit way and buy Robux. In case you still want to use Damonbux it is advised that don’t use your main Roblox account.

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