How To Get Free Diamonds In Royale High?

Here is a quick guide to get free diamonds in Royale High!

Roblox Royale High is a fun fantasy RPG game where you spawn as a prince or a princess student in a magical high school. Here you have to build and customize your character by using different features in the game. Dress your character in some amazing dresses, and give them a nice hairstyle to give your avatar the best look possible.

But, to do every alteration in Royale high you need a lot few diamonds that you can either buy using Robux or earn by different means. In this article, we will tell you some amazing tips to get free diamonds in Royale High. So without any further ado, scroll down and let us get started with it.


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Royale High: Tips & Tricks To Get Free Diamonds

Free Diamonds In Royale High


Here is a list of all the tips & tricks to get unlimited diamonds in Roblox Royale High.

1. Log-in Everyday

The best and the easiest way to collect free diamonds in royale High is by logging in to the game every day and getting diamonds as rewards. Make your Log-in streak for more than 10 days to get extra diamonds as a reward.


2. Sleep As Much As You Can

Sleeping in Royale High helps you level up your character thereby sliding some extra diamonds into your account. Make sure you sleep well and keep your health bar charged up to 100% as and when you can to not miss on any diamonds for free.

3. Fountain And Wheel


Find fountain and wheel on Royal High map and go there to earn diamonds for free. You can also get a chance to farm diamonds here but we do not recommend it unless you have a lot of time and patience.

4. New Campus

New Campus in Royale High is one of the best places in the game to find the maximum Diamonds. All you have to do is, get there and explore each and every corner of the campus to collect all the free diamonds in there.

5. Art Studio

The Art Studio is situated inside the new campus in Royale High. Find the studio while exploring the campus and get a chance to collect diamonds spawning in there.

6. Sunset Island

Sunset Island is one of the most beautiful places in Royale High. You can get there by boats that are docked near the ocean near the earth. Reach the island and collect unlimited diamonds that you can use to do hair 7 makeup of your character in the game.

7. Purchase Diamond Multiplier

This is the last option on the list but it is one of the most effortless ones. Head to the in-game shop and purchase the x2 or x4 Diamond Multiplier using Robux and get all the diamonds that you collect in the Royale High doubled or quadrupled.

Note: The number of diamonds that every player receives in any area in Royale High differs on the game pass. The players who has game pass get relatively more diamonds as compared to the players who don’t!