How To Execute In Roblox Project Slayers

Want to execute your enemies in Roblox Project Slayers? Check this guide out.

The recently launched Roblox Project Slayers is becoming a talk among fans and gamers around the globe. It is a game derived from the Anime Demon Slayer and most gamers can’t get enough of this game. As this is a combat game, the conflict between Demons and Humans is portrayed. No matter whatever side you choose, you must aim for one thing and that is to eliminate the enemies while you’re on the field.

In case you don’t know how to execute the enemies in Project Slayers, go ahead and read along with this guide to learn how to do so.

How to Execute Enemies in Project Slayers?

Execute Enemies in Project Slayers

If you’re playing Roblox Project Slayers on a computer, it is very easy to execute an enemy. In order to kill your opponents in the game on a PC, follow the steps below.

  • Attack the enemy in full force and deplete their health
  • Once you keep hitting, the opponent will eventually get knocked down
  • As you see an enemy crawling on the ground, go near it
  • Press G on your keyboard to execute the enemy in Roblox Project Slayers.

This is how you can finish your enemies in the game while playing on a PC. Read further to know how to kill enemies while playing on a mobile phone. When you’re playing the game on a mobile phone, it gets easier for you to control your actions in the game. All the options are at your fingertips and you just have to press the right icons at the right time.

  • Well, when killing an enemy on a mobile phone, knock down the enemy
  • you will see an icon of Skull & Crossbones on the screen
  • Go near the knocked down enemy and press that icon
  • You will have executed the enemy in the game

This is how you can execute your opponents in Project Slayers on your computer and your mobile phone. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out other such articles like how to get Hybrid in Roblox Project Slayers and how to get Straw Hat in Project Slayers.