Dual Lightning In Shindo Life – Ability, Requirements, & Spawn Locations

Here's what you need to learn about the Dual Lightning weapon in Shindo Life.

Shindo Life —  the sequel to Shinobi Life and originally known as Shinobi Life 2 —  is an epic game with classic RPG modes. Even though there’s a vast pool of Roblox games in the market, it has received the most attention for its Naruto-style ninja mechanisms, open-world experiences, competitive fights against arenas, and other characteristics.

Shindo Life features different types of weapons each with unique skills & specifications & today we will discuss the Dual Lightning weapon.

Dual Lightning In Shindo Life

Dual Lightning is a Ninja tool weapon in Shindo Life that resembles a pair of black pointy swords. Each sword has five upward-curving bladed prongs along its ends, as well as grips covered in white gauze. When you equip the Dual Lightning weapon in Shindo Life, both of its blades sit diagonally and crossed over your character’s back.

How To Obtain

The only way of getting your hands on the Dual Lightning in Shindo Life is through a scroll.

Basic Info

Here’s the basic info of this sharp ninja tool.

  • Type – Weapon
  • Location – Haze Village
  • Spawn Time – 9:20 AM/PM EST
  • Rarity – 1/6


Once you equipped Dual Lightning weapon, press the Q key to view yourself holding the weapon downwards. This generates thunderbolts to strike in front of opponents, stuns them, and does maximum damage. The thunderbolt’s direction can be changed by rotating the cursor, and the ability consumes 6,500 stamina. Also, note that Dual Lightning has a cooldown of 16 seconds in Shindo Life.


The requirements for the Dual Lightning ninja tool in Shindo Life are as follows:

  • 1. Level – 630
  • 2. Taijutsu – 900
  • 3. Ryo – 165000


To find the Dual Lightning in Shindo Life you have to do the following:

  • Cross the Haze village bridge until the end.
  • Near the Ice Shuriken you will see the Dual Lightning spawning.

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