Roblox: How To Change Profile Pose

Want to change Profile Pose in Roblox? Check out this guide.

Did you know that apart from changing the attire of your avatar, you could also change profile pose in Roblox? Well, now you do. In this guide, we have covered how you can edit your profile pose in Roblox on PC and mobile phone. Below, we have explained the steps to do so on both devices. Check out this guide to know more.

How to Change Profile Pose in Roblox

Change Profile Pose in Roblox

You can easily change profile pose in Roblox and make your avatar look cooler than others. Below, we have mentioned the steps to edit profile pose in Roblox to guide you through the whole process.

Steps to Edit Profile Pose on PC

  • Launch Roblox on your device
  • Open any experience and close it
  • Click on Back to Home
  • Tap on the Avatar icon near the top left corner
  • Hit the Edit Profile Picture button
  • Select one from the Pose options
  • Click on Next
  • Adjust the Zoom and Rotate settings
  • Click on the Save button

This is how you change profile pose on your computer.

Steps to Edit Profile Pose on Mobile Phone

  • Open Roblox on your Mobile Phone
  • Click on the Avatar at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on the Edit Profile Picture option
  • Just below, you will see different kinds of Poses, select one
  • Now, click on the Next button
  • Adjust the settings as per your choice
  • Hit the Next button and click on Save

However, keep in mind, there are only 4 poses that are available for free on both devices. There are other options indeed but they can be bought using Robux. If you have Robux, you can purchase them by simply clicking on the poses.

This is all you need to know about how to change profile pose in Roblox. If you found this guide helpful, you might want to check out other similar articles such as Roblox My Kingdom Codes and Murder Mystery S Codes.