Blade Slayer Codes for February 2024

Unlock high-damage weapons with these Blade Slayer codes and slash all the monsters that challenge you.

Sharpen your blade and take your stance, cause it’s time to slash some monsters and show the world what a real Blade Slayer is capable of. You start by using the simple wooden stick, which doesn’t do much damage to high-level monsters and is completely useless against the Zombie King. To open better crates and get big loot, you must upgrade to a better weapon. Fortunately, the codes not only provide you with the in-game currency but sometimes give equipment.

As you defeat the boss monsters, you will unlock even tougher foes to fight against. Goblin King is no easy enemy, but with your sword, and allies, it wouldn’t stand a chance. Still, it is better to go prepared, so use these Blade Slayer codes and equip your best weapon.

Note: Last checked for new codes on February 16, 2024.

All Blade Slayer Codes

Roblox Blade Slayer Codes
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Active Codes

At the time of writing, the code feature has been disabled by the developers. However, it is not removed, as there is a Codes section that says coming soon. When they enable it again, even with some changes, we’ll update this guide as needed.

Expires Codes

Avoid trying these, as they no longer give rewards.

  • 100LIMITED – Redeem this code to get for Katana (Limited Use)

How to Redeem Blade Slayer Codes

  1. Open the Roblox Blade Slayer.
  2. On the left corner, you will see a Codes button.
  3. Tap on it and type or paste the code.
  4. Hit the Enter button to claim the rewards.

Where to Find More Codes

The best place to look for the new Blade Slayer codes as well as learn about the changes, is their official Discord server. The link for which you will find under the Social Links section of the games about tab. You can also save this guide, as we will bring you all the latest code and related info as soon as we can.

With this, we wrap up our Blade Slayer codes guides. If you found this interesting and informative, be sure to check out our Roblox and codes section for similar adventure and action games.