Roblox Anime Story: How To Get Blessed Gem

Our guide will explain how players can get this item and get crafting.

Roblox Anime Story is an RPG where players can complete quests, equip new gear, and strengthen their characters. Players will find several items like the Blessed Gems that can help them progress faster through the game. The Blessed Gems can be used to craft items at the blacksmith. In this guide, we will explain how players can get a Blessed Gem in Roblox Anime Story.

How To Get Blessed Gem In Roblox Anime Story?


Players might have some trouble finding the Blessed Gems in the game at first. However, once players know what to look for, they will have an easier time getting them. To get a Blessed Gem in Roblox Anime Story, players will have to mine them from a Blessed Gem node. These can be found inside caves and can also randomly spawn on the map.

While there are a number of ore nodes in the game, players need to look out for the luminous yellow ore nodes as these produce the best results. However, the difficult part of collecting the Blessed Gem is that other players are mining for them as well. Players will have a better chance of finding nodes inside the Mineral Cave. One of the best methods to farm for Blessed Gems is to get a Private Server where players can interact with the ore node interrupted.

In addition, players can also buy Blessed Gems for 100 Gems. These can be bought from Kintoki who is an NPC that is located near the Police Station and appears on random occasions.

What To Craft With Roblox Anime Story?

Players can use Blessed Gems to craft gadgets like Thor’s Might, Celestial Blade, and Godslayer’s Bane. To craft these items players can go to the Adventurer’s Settlement with all the required items.

This is everything players need to know about getting the Blessed Gems in Roblox Anime Story. For related content, check out Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Champions Tier List.