How To Get The Shipwreck Bay Badge In Adopt Me

Here's how to complete the Shipwreck Bay obby and get the badge in Adopt Me.

Roblox Adopt Me is a simulation game where players can adopt cute pets like Buffalos, Huskies, and Dragons. In addition to this, players can also earn badges in the game. These badges provide the ultimate bragging rights to players in this game as they can be quite tough to complete. The Shipwreck Bay badge is one of the badges that players can earn in Adopt Me. Like the other badges, players will have to complete the obby quest for Shipwreck Bay to earn this badge.

How To Earn The Shipwreck Bay Badge In Adopt Me?


Players will first need to locate the Obbies building which is located on Adoption Island. This building can be found near the large play area with different slides and swings. Once players have found the area, the Obbies building can be found behind the large blue tunnel slide. There are seven different portals for different obbies inside the building. Players must  go to the portal listed as Shipwreck Bay.

Shipwreck Bay Obby In Adopt Me

Once players enter the obby, they will be met with various challenges that they must successfully overcome. It is one of the tougher obstacle courses to complete and players will have to be patient to get through it successfully. It is better to take it slow as players go through this obby. If players die, they will have to restart from the beginning which can be pretty frustrating. Towards the end, players will see a building with the Finish! banner on top of it. Once players walk through the building’s door, they will transport back to the main Obbies building. In addition, players will also get a notification that they have successfully completed the Shipwreck Bay obby and gotten the badge.

That is all there is to know about earning the Shipwreck Bay badge in Adopt Me. For more badge guides, check out Adopt Me: How To Get The Miniworld Badge?