JetSynthesys’ Nautilus Mobile marks its 10th anniversary

New-age digital entertainment and technology company JetSynthesys-acquired mobile gaming studio – Nautilus Mobile marks its 10th anniversary with a successful run in the mobile gaming space. Real Cricket Nautilus’ most successful IP, since its inception, has captured the hearts of millions and released several versions to enhance user experiences throughout the last 10 years. With 15+ games in the portfolio, Nautilus Mobile is also home to the widely popular, award-winning Real Cricket franchise.

As per reports, India’s PC and mobile game markets are projected to generate player spending of US$704.5 million in 2022 with 396.4 million gamers, growing to reach US$1.4 billion in 2026 with 630 million gamers. In alignment with this Nautilus has nurtured and built a strong franchise with a line of online skill-based cricket games which today, are the leaders of its genre. The game has seen a staggering 350 million downloads across Android and iOS to date, becoming the most-played cricket game on mobile and pride on achieving the highest session length on any cricket game on mobile. The latest version of the game offers unrivaled realism with real-life-sized stadiums, motion-captured animations, and manual fielding, making it a must-have for any cricket enthusiast.

Talking about this successful run, Rajan Navani, Founder and CEO of, JetSynthesys said,

“India is a cricket-loving nation, and the sport is ingrained in our culture. Leveraging this common emotion, we recognized the need to offer seamless and enhanced online cricket-playing experiences and the franchise’s potential in providing the same. We are delighted to celebrate this significant milestone alongside Anuj and our entire team. With this association, JetSynthesys solidified its status as the #1 skill-based cricket gaming franchise worldwide which is a testament to the platform’s latency. Real Cricket, I believe, thus has the potential to be India’s esports export to the rest of the globe and it is only upwards from here on.”

Reminiscing about the 10 immensely incredible years, Anuj Mankar, CEO of Nautilus said,

“We are thrilled to celebrate Nautilus Mobile’s tenth anniversary. We have connected with cricket fans around the world over the years and have been able to give them a new medium to stay involved and connected with their favorite sport. The increase of users, not just from urban areas but also from the rural divisions, is a clear indication of how much people enjoy this game and seek more innovative versions of it. With this, we plan to expand in not only India and its neighboring countries but across all the cricket-playing nations including Australia, UK, USA, UAE and Africa. The last 10 years would not have been so gratifying, without the undying support and extensive talent of the team at Nautilus. We look forward to another decade of contributing qualitative content in our own way to the burgeoning mobile gaming ecosystem.”

Highlighting the extraordinary growth rate of the company, Nautilus recently received a funding of whopping $5.4 million from South Korean gaming company KRAFTON, Inc., who are the makers of the phenomenally popular battle royale game BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI). Apart from this, last year, the company hosted the Real Cricket Championship with more than 100,000+ participants which garnered a viewership of 2.5 million+ viewers.

Since its inception, JetSynthesys has introduced numerous innovations in games that have revolutionized the gaming industry in India. The company’s gaming arm has created games like Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, WWE Racing Showdown, Sachin Saga VR, Being Salman, and Super Ludo, and published partnerships with the likes of Hollywood film Passengers and Floyd Mayweather. JetSynthesys also co-founded India’s most successful e-sports company Nodwin Gaming.