Pokemon Unite: What to Spend Aeos Tickets On

Aeos Tickets can be purchased using Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite.

Aeos Tickets are one of the currencies in Pokemon Unite. You can use them in the Aeos Emporium. These tickets can be earned as ranked season rewards, events, challenges, and battle passes. You can also purchase these tickets using Aeos Gems if you are falling short. Though Aeos Tickets can be used to purchase multiple cosmetics for trainers, you must prioritize how you spend them in Pokemon Unite.

What to Spend Aeos Tickets On In Pokemon Unite?


Aeos Tickets can be used on multiple things in Pokemon Unite. However, not all purchases are equally beneficial for you. For example, spending Aeos Tickets to purchase Trainer Fashion is a waste of resources as they have no in-game boosts to offer. It is better to rely on challenges or events to get Trainer Fashion. Meanwhile, your Aeos Tickets are best spent on the following items.

Item Enhancers

These enhancers can be in the Aeos Emporium. They allow you to increase a Held Items strength by upgrading it. Each purchase will cost you 10 Aeos Tickets and you can upgrade an item to level 10 with 82 Item Enhancers. To get the most out of your purchase upgrade items that are used regularly.

Battle Point Booster Cards

These booster cards will double the amount of Battle Points you earn after finishing a battle for a certain amount of time. You can opt for a 1-day, 3-day, or 7-day Battle Point Boost Card. While a 1 day Battle Point Boost Card costs 100 Aeos Tickets, a 3 day Battle Point Boost Card will require 200 Aeos Tickets. If you opt for a 7-day Battle Point Boost Card, it will cost you 400 Aeos Tickets.

Aeos Coin Boost Cards

Similar to Battle Point Booster Cards, these cards double the number of Aeos Coins received after battles for a fixed period. The 1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card is priced at 150 Aeos Tickets. Meanwhile, the 3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card costs 350 Aeos Tickets. Lastly, if you want to buy the 7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card, you will need 800 Aeos Tickets.

These are the best ways to spend Aeos Tickets in Pokemon Unite. For more Pokemon Unite guides, check out What To Spend Aeos Coins On In Pokemon Unite?