Pokemon Unite: Rotom Vs. Drednaw Guide

Rotom or Drednaw: Which Pokemon to prioritize?

Rotom and Drednaw are two special boss Wild Pokemon that can spawn during a match in Pokemon Unite. Each Pokemon has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both these Pokemon appear around the 7-minute mark in the match. In this article, we will compare Rotom and Drednaw to choose which Pokemon to prioritize. While both Pokemon can be beneficial to players, one clearly has a slight advantage over the other.

Let us know more about it in the guide below.

Rotom Vs. Drednaw: Which Pokemon To Pick In Pokemon Unite?


While both Pokemon have their positives, players might want to pick Drednaw over Rotom due to its effects. While Drednaw might be hard to capture, it also gives EXP points and shields to the allied team. Drednaw’s ability to grant EXP for the entire team, instead of just the players that defeat it, definitely tilts the favor to its side. With the EXP gain, players can attain level advantages and get better moves and stats. In addition, players also get a temporary shield that is quite useful.

Meanwhile, the Rotom effect allows it to head toward an enemy goal zone to make it defenseless for 24 seconds while also aiding the allied team. It can help players push to the Top Lane as well as put more pressure in the goal zone. However, Rotom will need to reach the goal zone before the effects can take place.

In the end, Rotom does not bring as much to the table as Drednaw. Rotom only provides EXP to the player that defeats it. Meanwhile, Drednaw’s benefits affect the whole team including the shields. This is why, when we consider Rotom vs. Drednaw in Pokemon Unite, Drednaw just edges ahead of Rotom.

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