Pokemon Unite: How Does Grass Work?

Grass is an interactable item in Pokemon Unite.

Grass is a type of item in Pokemon Unite. These items include tall leaf blades that Pokemon can interact with. This can be quite useful for players that know how to use it to their advantage. In this guide, we will explain how you can use grass to sway matches in your favor.

How To Use Grass In Pokemon Unite?


Grass areas include tall bushes that can be used to hide from your enemies in Pokemon Unite. While the Grass hides you from the enemy’s view, your friends can still see you. Grass can come in handy when you want to opt for defensive gameplay rather than going on an outright attack. Let us see some of the best uses for Grass below.

  • One of the best use for Grass is to ambush your enemy while hiding in it. It is a good sneak move where you can wait for the enemy to move past you and attack them from behind. Remember that any enemies that are in the same Grass area will be able to see you and you will not have the element of surprise in such cases.
  • When you want to attack an enemy in a certain lane, Grass is crucial in masking your movement and giving you a surprise advantage.
  • You can also use Grass to evade a Pokemon. This works best with Pokemon that have short-range skill shots.
  •   Grass can also serve as a safe space to use recall. You can hide in the Grass to evade enemies or when health has fallen low and recall safely.
  • Wild Pokemon can also hide from other Pokemon in the Grass. You will only be able to see such Pokemon when you are in the same bush. Here, you can quickly defeat the Pokemon and secure it before your enemy.

These are some of the best uses for Grass in Pokemon Unite. We hope you found this guide helpful. For more Pokemon Unite guides, check out What To Buy In The Shop In Pokemon Unite?