Does Pokemon Unite Have Controller Support?

Here is everything you need to know about the controller support in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite is finally launched for Android and iOS users. The latest version of Pokemon Unite does have cross-play between Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Besides this feature, there are numerous other features that the devs added in the Mobile version of Pokemon Unite. Since the game has officially launched for phones, fans are currently asking a question ‘Does Pokemon Unite have controller support?’

If you too want to know whether Pokemon Unite has controller support or not then keep reading this guide. In this post, we will try our best to answer your query in a better way.

Does Pokemon Unite Support Controller on Mobile?

Pokemon Unite controller support

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of features that are released during the launch of Pokemon Unite Mobile. There is no denying that the devs added multiple new features to the game but what fans want to know is whether it supports the controller or Mobile or not.

The answer is NO! Pokemon Unite does not have controller support as of now. The main reason behind this is mobile phones usually fail to connect to phones via Bluetooth. Therefore it is difficult for one to connect their wireless controller to mobile and play Pokemon Unite.

All players who have been playing Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch might find it a little difficult to not have controller support on Mobile. Though nothing is announced officially yet, we never know if we get to use controllers on Mobiles in the future. If the devs add this feature in the time to come, we will update this post. Till then download Pokemon Unite on your Mobile, create your own lobby and enjoy it with your friends!

This is everything you need to know about whether Pokemon Unite has controller support or not. Check out another article to know about all characters in Pokemon Unite.