Pokemon Unite: Best Defender Tier List (April 2023)

Want to know which Defender Pokemon is the best in Pokemon Unite? Check out this guide.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game where you have to fight alongside your team in a 5v5 format. And the Pokemon you will collect in the game are assigned different roles according to their potential. In this guide, we will see the best Defender Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. We have covered the tier list of these Pokemon below. You have to simply read along with this guide and you’ll be on your way to picking a Pokemon in the next Unite Battle.

List of Best Defender Pokemon in Pokemon Unite – Tier List

Best Defender Pokemon

The Defender Pokemon are the tanks of the game. These pocket monsters are built out of endurance and deflect the enemy attacks to save the Attacker Pokemon. So, if you want to play as a defender, this guide will let you choose the best Defender Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.

Tier Pokemon  Difficulty  Moves
S Snorlax Novice Heavy Slam, Flail, Block, Yawn.
S Slowbro Intermediate Water Gun, Slack Off, Scald, Surf, Amnesia, Telekinesis
S Greedent Expert Tackle, Defense Curl, Stuff Cheeks, Covet, Bullet Seed, Belch, Berry Belly Flop
A Crustle Novice Rock Slide, Fury Cutter, Rock Tomb, Shell Smash, Stealth Rock, X-Scissor, Rubble Rouser
A Mamoswine Intermediate Ice Shard, Tackle, Icicle Crash, Ice Fang, High Horsepower, Earthquake, Mammoth Mash
B Blastoise Intermediate Water gun, Skull Bash, Hydro Pump, Water Spout, Surf, Rapid Spin, Hydro Typhoon
B Trevenant Intermediate Will-O-Wisp, Branch Poke, Wood Hammer, Curse, Horn Leech, Pain Split, Phantom Forest

You can now choose your favorite Pokemon by referring to this tier list. These are some of the best Defender Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Glance through this list once before entering the battle. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Best Attacker Pokemon in Pokemon Unite Tier List and How To Gank?