Pokemon Quetzal: How To Use Cheats (2024)

Here's how to unlock cheats in Pokemon Quetzal

Pokemon Quetzal is a remake of Pokemon Emerald with multiplayer features. The game has the same story as the original and does not have vast differences when compared to Pokemon Emerald. Players can use cheats to get ahead in Pokemon Quetzal. However, players will have to activate the cheats mode for this.

We have explained how players can use cheats in the game below. In addition, we also discussed several of the cheats available in the game and their function.

How To Unlock Cheats In Pokemon Quetzal?

It is quite easy to unlock cheats in Pokemon Quetzal. Players can simply follow the steps given below to activate cheats in their game.

  • Start Pokemon Quetzal.
  • In the game mode, players will need to choose the Cheats mode.


  • Now, players can start a new game.
  • Once the game has started, players can go to the Start menu.
  • Here, players will see a number of options like Pokemon, Bag, Ash, Save, Option, MPlayer, and Misc. Players need to click on the Misc option.


  • In Misc, players will see four options. These are PC, Eggs, Cheats, and Cancel.


  • Players can now select Cheats and skip ahead in the game.

What Cheats Can players Use?

There are 4 categories under the Cheats option in Pokemon Quetzal. These are Utilities, Flags, Variables, and Give X. Let us take a look at each of these categories briefly.



The Utilities section contains 4 cheats. These include the option to Heal Party which allows players to heal their Pokemon anywhere. In addition, it also gives players to fly or teleport across the map.

Flags & Variables

With these two settings players can get various Gym badges, flags, and encounters. In addition, players can also tweak several settings through these options.

Give X



These are the main cheats in the game. With Give item XXXX, players can get any item they want in the game. Alternatively, players can also choose to get all items in the game with the Fill Bag option. The Pkm (lvl) option gives player any Pokemon of any level. Players can customize their Pokemon choices further with the Pkm (l,s,n,a,IV,mov) option. Here, players can decide things like whether the Pokemon is Shiny or not as well as its nature.

The Max Money cheat obviously gives players as much money as they want in the game. The Fill PC and Eggs options fill the player PC with Pokemon or Eggs according to the cheat chosen.

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