What Is Pokemon Go Raid Hour? (November 2022)

Read about the golden raid hour in Pokemon Go to get the best out of it!

Pokemon Go is one of the best games in the Pokemon Series. As we all know that we have to travel or rather explore in and around our neighborhood to collect different Pokemons in the game. Capture the best and strong pokemon, upgrade them, and have the best time of all time. Raid hours in Pokemon Go are kind of golden hours in the game that help players get Tier 5 Pokemons.

As you are here, you are unaware of this Raid hour in Pokemon Go. Hence read this article till the end and find out about the same.

Pokemon Go Raid Hour – All You Need To Know!

pokemon go raid hour

Raid hour in Pokemon Go is also known as Legendary Raid Hour is like a weekly event in the game. It is activated every Wednesday in Pokemon Go from 6 PM to 7 PM. This was first introduced in the game back in March 2019 and it’s still on in the game.

The event starts every Wednesday evening in the local time of your timezone in all the available Poke gyms around you. You will find all the legendary and mythical raid boss Pokemon spawning here at a higher spawning rate than usual. These raid boss Pokemons are usually difficult to find and defeat hence this gives all the players a fair chance to prepare to defeat the Raid boss and capture them.

The Pokemon that is going to appear in that week is announced 20 minutes before the Raid hour and hence give us a little time to prepare and gather your squad for the same. Make sure you keep your Push Notifications on in the game to get all the alerts for the event.

To get the Raid bosses in Pokemon Go the only requirement is Raid Pass. Hence make sure you collect as many Raid Passes as you can to fight against all the raid bosses and get them.

Here are some quick tips to play like a pro during Raid Hour in Pokemon Go:

  • Keep in-game push notifications on.
  • Switch to the mobile data over Wi-Fi for an uninterrupted network connection.
  • Keep your device’s location on all the time to spot the Poke Gyms.
  • Collect as many raid passes as you can.
  • Keep an eye on in-game news for the announcement of the raid boss of that week.

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