How To Purify In Pokemon GO

Shadow Pokemon are obtained by defeating Team Go Rocket.

Shadow Pokemon are mysterious Pokemon left behind by Team Go Rocket after you defeat them. These Pokemon have a burning purple aura with glowing red eyes. However, it is possible to purify a Pokemon in the game. If you choose to purify a Shadow Pokemon, it also increases the rank of the Purifier medal. Moreover, the Pokemon’s aura will switch to a bright and luminous one.

Let us find out how to purify in Pokemon Go below.

How To Purify In Pokemon GO?


Purifying a Pokemon is simple enough. You will require Candy and Stardust to purify your Shadow Pokemon. The total number of Stardust and Candies required for each purification will be mentioned next to the Purify option in the Shadow Pokemon’s profile. Once you have enough resources, you can open the Pokemon’s profile and click the Purify button. The Pokemon will now purify and become bright and luminous instead of dark and broody.

You can get Stardust by catching Pokemon, using berries in gyms, and hatching Pokemon eggs. Stardust can also be gained as a reward during events. On the other hand, Candy can be earned by catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, transferring or evolving Pokemon, using Rare Candy, feeding Pokemon berries, or trading Pokemon.

Purification Effects

Purifying a Pokemon alters a lot of qualities in a Shadow Pokemon. Their CP is boosted to level 25. However, if a Shadow Pokemon is already past level 25, it would retain its level post purification. In addition, Purified Pokemon will require lesser Stardust and Candy to Power Up, Evolve, or learn a new attack.

All Shadow Pokemon have the Charged Attack Frustration. However, after purification this attack will be replaced by a Charged Attack Return. The stats of the Pokemon will also be increased by 2.

This is how you can purify in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go guides, check out How To Take A Snapshot In Pokemon GO?