What Is Elite TM And How To Get Them In Pokemon GO

Want to obtain Elite TM, this is how you can get them in Pokemon GO.

Technical Machines or TMs allow you to teach your Pokemon new moves. TM is classified into two categories; Fast TM and Charged TM. Players at or above level 15 can obtain Fast TM, and Trainers above or at level 25 can obtain Charged TM. The regular TMs give random charged or fast moves, which is not feasible. So Elite TMs are preferred, as they let you select Pokemon’s move. And this is how you can get these Elite TM in Pokemon GO.

How to Obtain Elite TM and What Are They in Pokemon GO

How To Get Elite TMs Pokemon GO

Elite TM or Technical Machine is of two kinds; Elite Fast TM and Elite Charge TM. The first one lets you choose the Fast move, and another the Charged move. These TMs let you permanently choose and teach Legacy moves. And the fascinating thing about teaching legacy moves is that different types of Pokemons get a move that is pretty much exclusive to them. But remember that not all Pokemons have legacy moves as of now.

How to Get Elite TM

So far, there are three ways to obtain these Elite Fast TMs and Elite Charge TMs. Community day box, Special Research or Timed Research, and GO Battle League.

  • Community Day Box

Every month the game launches a community day for a particular type of pokemon. And when you visit the shop on those days, you will see a Community Day Box with the contents mentioned. Go through the contents and see if the box has an Elite TM. These boxes are quite expensive, so you might have to work hard to collect the required amount or purchase Pokecoins from real money.

  • Special/Timed Research

Not all research or quests will offer you these TMs, but some will. So make sure you check the rewards and then complete the task to get either Elite Fast TM or Elite Charge TM.

  • Go Battle League

The game keeps on launching new seasons of GBL now and then. So you will have to work your way up to reach a particular rank and get these Elite TMs. Ranking requirements might differ with every season.

This is everything you need to know about Elite TM of Pokemon GO, with methods to get them. Looking for more guides from this game, check out how to evolve Hisuian Sneasel into Sneasler and how to get Leafron.