How To Evolve Woobat Into Swoobat In Pokemon GO

Woobat evolves into Swoobat in Pokemon Go

Woobat is a Psychic, Flying type Pokemon that is found in the Unova region. It resembles a bat in appearance and can be evolved into Swoobat. However, there are certain requirements that players will have to fulfill in order to evolve Woobat in Pokemon Go. We have explained how players can complete this evolution in this guide.

How To Evolve Woobat In Pokemon GO?


Some Pokemon have specific requirements that players need to complete before they can be evolved. Woobat is one such Pokemon. It only has one evolution and cannot be evolved beyond Swoobat. There are two requirements to the evolution: collect 50 Woobat Candy and walk 1 km with Woobat as the buddy Pokemon.

Once players have completed these requirements they will get the option to evolve Woobat. They can select the option and evolve their Pokemon. Swoobat is also a Flying/Psychic-type with a max CP in the wild of 1,471 or 1,594 with a weather boost. At max level of 40, its CP is 1,716. This Pokemon is resistant to damage from Grass or Psychic type Pokemon. However, it is weak against Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, and Rock type Pokemon.

How To Get Woobat In Pokemon GO?

To evolve Woobat, players must first find the Pokemon in the game. There are multiple ways to get this Pokemon in the game. Players can get Woobat as a Research Breakthrough reward. In addition, Woobat can also be found in the wild. Players also have the option of hatching Woobats from eggs. Lastly, a Woobat can also be obtained from a Raid.

This is how players can evolve Woobat in Pokemon Go. It is quite an easy evolution to complete once players know the tasks they have to complete for it. We hope this guide helped players evolve their Pokemon with ease. For more Pokemon Go guides, check out How To Win 5 Star Raids In Pokemon GO?