Pokemon Go: What Is CP Calculator And How To Use It?

Let's see what are Pokemon Go CP calculators, how to use CP calculators and some of the best Pokemon Go CP calculators.

Players get a new pokemon at literally every step while playing Pokemon Go, but the tricky part is to decide which ones you want to invest in. Trainers have limited carrying capacity and stardust, so they must select the few Pokemon they want to evolve. The CP calculator will help you gauge how the Pokemon will be after you upgrade it. Let’s dig deeper and know all about the Pokemon Go CP calculator and how to use it.

What Is CP Calculator In Pokemon Go?

The CP calculator will let you know what the CP of the Pokemon will be after you evolve it. Apart from the CP, the CP calculator will also give you a rough estimate of the Pokemon’s stats after you evolve it. The CP calculator makes it easier for trainers to decide which Pokemon they should invest the stardust in.

Some CP calculators give an exact many will give you a range of the CP and other stats of the Pokemon. The algorithm Pokemon GO uses is tricky, so coming to an exact number is almost impossible. We would recommend trainers only refer to those CP calculators that give you a range.

Why Do You Need CP Calculators In Pokemon Go?

Apart from deciding which Pokemon to evolve and invest your stardust in, there are many other uses of a CP calculator. Many leagues in Pokemon GO have a CP limit to keep the competition fair, the CP calculator helps you know if evolving your Pokemon won’t breach that limit.

Top Pokemon CP Calculators

Trainers can find several CP calculators online, but our favorite ones would be gameinfo CP calculator and pokeassist. Both of them give a very accurate projection of the CP and other stats of your Pokemon. While these were our recommendations, we would suggest trainers try as many CP calculators as possible and then decide on the best one. Both of these CP calculators are free and won’t as for your game id, making them even better.

Pokemon GO IV Calculators

Apart from CP, all the Pokemon have an IV as well that is a combination of all the stats of the Pokemon. IV tells the trainer how strong the Pokemon get after evolution. Initially, IV was hidden, and players had to go through many steps, but the process has been changed. Now trainers can check the IV by selecting a pokemon and then clicking on the “appraise” button on the bottom right of the screen.

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