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Pokemon Fire Red And Leaf Green: How To Obtain Coin Case

Do this to receive Coin Case in Pokemon FR and LG.

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen takes place in a Kanto region like the Pokemon Red and Blue. But it also consists of Sevii Islands. The game was launched in 2004 and still hasn’t lost its popularity. Because of its easy-to-use system and enjoyable gameplay.

Here you have Pokémons like Ekans, Deoxys, Elekid, and Quagsire. Since there are so many interesting Pokemons, players would love to have many of them in their Pockets. But some of them cannot be caught easily. So obtain Coin Case and buy from Game Corner Shops in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

How to Get Coin Case in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

Get Coin Case In Pokemon FR

The Coin Case is an item that players use to store coins. You can store about 9999 coins in the first three-generation games and 50000 coins in the fourth generation. These coins are used for purchasing Pokemon and other resource items. And just like its original version, Pokemon Red and Blue, players can get Coin Case from a restaurant in Celadon City. Here is the detailed guide on location.

  • Open your game and go to the Bag, choose Town Map, move and select Celadon City. It is in the exact center of the map.
  • Once you reach this city P.C., walk left and turn to the front path between the orange and green house.
  • Now keep walking until you reach a road, turn left, and keep walking till you see a bald man with a long white mustache and beard.
  • Go in the direction that man is looking towards. It is the end of the city, so turn right and enter the second building. It is a restaurant.
  • Walk straight to the end, then turn left, and you will meet a man who gives Coin Case.
  • He will talk with you for some time. Tell you he is flat-out busted, so he does not need his case, and you can take it. And you will receive the Coin Case.
  • Now, you can go to the casino or game parole and talk with some NPCs to receive free coins.

That is all you have to do to get a Coin Case in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. If you found this guide interesting and knowledgeable. Then also check out Cheats for GameShark and Action Replay.