How Old Is Brock In Pokemon

Are you wondering how old Brock is in the Pokemon Series?

Whenever you see Pokemon, you must always have the famous trio in mind. Ash, Misty and Brock. Brock has always seemed to be like an elder brother to both Ash and Misty. Having said that, could you guess how old was Brock compared to Ash and Misty? In this article, we’ll see how old is Brock in Pokemon.

What is the Age of Brock in Pokemon?


It was fairly clear that Brock seemed to have a bit more mature personality as compared to his fellow mates. Posing as an elder sibling to Ash and Misty, Brock was 15 years of age at the time of his first appearance in Pokemon.

Although he seems older than his mentioned age, that can be explained by the character’s back story. Having to shoulder a responsibility which was clearly not meant for him to take up at such young age has rubbed off on him. Apart from that, being the oldest of his siblings, he has it in his personality to come off as an older person.

Another hint that was embedded in the episodes is that he pretends to be a macho man whenever a female character is around. Brock portrays himself as an alpha around his crushes, which is basically any beautiful woman that comes across in their journey. Over the span of episodes, Brock has had many ‘crushes’ and he would go gaga if any one of them would offer him a chance at relationships.

Did you notice all these components before? If not, now you know how old Brock is in Pokemon. If it has started to make sense to you, you might as well check out other articles on the website which explains How Old is Ash in Pokemon?