How To Get Shiny Dialga In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond (2022)

Find out all about this Steel/Dragon type Pokemon in this guide.

.Dialga is a powerful Steel Dragon type Pokmon that has the ability to control time. It also use different elemental attacks to defeat opponents. This is one of the few Pokemon that can learn the Aura Sphere sphere move. Given the vast sphere of his abilities, it is natural that players are eager to get the Shiny version of Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

If you also want to know how to get the Shiny Dialga on your team, go through our guide below.

How To Get Shiny Dialga In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?


Diagla is a Pokemon that can be found at the peak of Mount Coronet. While players can battle Dialga after beating the 7th Gym Leader in the Team Galactic storyline, the chances of getting a Shiny variant of the Pokemon are quite rare.

Players can save their game beforehand and keep resetting it till they get the Shiny Dialga. Though, this can be a long and arduous process. There is a simpler way of doing this with a much higher chance of getting the Shiny variant. This is for players that complete Elite 4 challenge first.

Elite 4 Method

For this method, players will first have to defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion. If players did not catch Dialga but defeated it in the main story, the Pokemon will also appear after defeating the Elite 4. However, players can now get the Shiny Charm and increase their chances of getting a Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

This method will also takes a few retakes and resets. Overall though, players stand a much better chance at getting a Shiny Dialga through this method. Players just need to head to the Spear Pillar and keep soft resetting their game till they get a Shiny variant of Diagla in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

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