Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Wayward Cave Map Guide

Here's how to navigate the Wayward Cave

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a game that has a massive world that players can explore. However, some locations in the game might prove difficult for players. The Wayward Cave is one such location in Pokemon BDSP. It is a multi-floor cave that players can find in western Sinnoh. The main entrance to this cave is located beneath Cycling Road.

Though it is completely optional to visit the cave in BDSP, players that wish to do so will find this guide helpful.

How To Navigate Wayward Cave Map In Pokemon BDSP?

Players that want to access the Wayward Cave can find it in the Sinnoh region on Route 206. Players can find Trainer Mira here and it is one of the rare spots to encounter a Gible Pokemon. Players will need access to the Cut move before they can get to the cave. In addition, players will also require Rock Smash to access the main entrance. If players want to access the hidden entrance, they will require the Bike. Players will also require Strength to navigate the Wayward Cave Map successfully.

The Wayward Cave has two floors. Players will be able to see all the points of interest in the map given below. It will help players navigate through the Cave easily while not missing out on any essential points in the map. We have marked out the major points of interest for each floor in the maps given below.

Floor 1 Of Wayward Cave
Floor 2 Of Wayward Cave


Since this is the only place that players can encounter a Gible Pokemon, trainers might want to be on the lookout. In addition, players can also encounter Zubat, Bronzor, and Geodude while exploring the Wayward Cave in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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