What Are The Poison Pokemon Weaknesses?

Want to know the Poison type Pokemon weaknesses? Check out this guide.

Poison type Pokemon have abilities that could stun their opponents in no time. However, they are not invincible and they can be defeated too. In this guide, we have covered all poison Pokemon weaknesses for your reference.

By going through this guide, you will be familiar with their vulnerabilities, so you filter your battle options in numerous Pokemon games. Check out this guide and learn all about the poison type Pokemon weaknessses.

All Poison Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Poison Pokemon Weaknesses
Image Credits: Tom Salazar on YouTube

The poison Pokemon weaknesses is a concept of broad understanding. If a poison type Pokemon is weak against a certain type, that doesn’t mean it won’t be able to fight the latter.

It all depends on the kind of damage dealt to them. Below, we have explained the vulnerabilities and weaknesses for the poison type Pokemon.

Poison Type Vulnerabilites

The poison Pokemon are vulnerable to two types, Psychic and Ground. It means that the Psychic and Ground type Pokemon have a harsher effect on them. Their moves are super-effective against poison types and their damage can be deadly. So, if you’ve a poison type in your party, make sure to be careful against these two types.

Poison Type Resistance

Poison type Pokemon can resist the moves of Fighting, Grass, Bug and Fairy types apart from their own kind. The damage dealt by these types to the poison types will be halved due to their resistance.

Notable Poison Type Trainers

The most popular poison type trainers are Koga, Janine, Agatha and Roxie. These trainers have earned bagdes and are formidable gym leaders.

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