Mobile Legends: How To Make Custom Equipment Build (Items Build)

Looking forward to making your own new build in Mobile Legends for your next battle arena? here's how to do it.

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, equipment or sometimes referred to as items, can be used for the hero to increase a few capabilities. This Equipment (items) can be bought during the battle to help the hero in the game with unique abilities. Before that, the player needs to set their equipment build or use a premade build from the battle setup. This guide will help you to make your own custom equipment (items) build in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Make Your Own Equipment Build in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Previously before the revamp, the equipment (item) build was under the build option in the preparations’ menu, with emblems having their dedicated section to set up and choose. Now they all can be custom build under the Battle Setup menu.

How to Build Equipment (items) in MLBB

To make a custom build first, you have to go to the battle setup menu. Follow the below steps to open the setup.

  1. Firstly, open the Mobile Legends on your device.
  2. Click on Preparations located at the left bottom of your game screen on the game Lobby.step to open build setup
  3. Now click on Battle Setup to open the equipment build setup.step to open battle setup
  4. Here, pick the hero whose equipment (item) you want to build. Select the hero whose equipment (item) in battle setup build
  5. Now go to the reset button at the bottom of the setup to edit it as shown in the above image.
  6. Next, in the new prompt display, below you will find the current equipment and the available items on the above list. Choose the equipment you wish to replay.Reset and Equipment Build in Mobile Legends
  7. Now, choose the desired equipment from the above list and click on the green replace icon as shown in the above image, to replace the equipment (item). You can click on the categories above to pick the specific type of item for the build. Additionally, you can reset the whole panel and add a new complete the new equipment build by clicking on the Reset button located at the right bottom.
  8. Now, that you have replaced any equipment, click on the tick button. You follow from step 7 to repeat this for reset items.Conforming the new build equipment in Mobile Legends
  9. Once done, click on the upper X button to return to build setup.
  10. Now that you have edited the equipment (items) and made a new custom build, click on the use button to equip it to the character.Using the new equipment build

Now you have successfully made a new Equipment build for your next MLBB battle. Moreover, you can click on the Pro Setups option top choose from equipment build suggested by pro players and experts for every specific hero.

That’s everything you need to know on how to make custom equipment build in Mobile Legends. If you still haven’t unlocked Freya, one of the most powerful heroes in the game, then check out how you can do it. Also, take a look at the ways to get Magic Crystal in the game. Furthermore, learn how to call lord in the game to assist you in your next battle. Check out the MLBB section for more such guides and tips.