Mobile Legends Lancelot: Best Build, Tips And Tricks (November 2022)

Learn about best skills, emblem, basic skills and everything about Lancelot in Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena game that has plenty of hero’s, assassins, or masters. These heroes play one of the major roles in the game as all your progress depends on what hero or assassin you select for all the fights in the game. Every hero has a different set of skills and abilities that can be either beneficial or harmful for the player.
Lancelot is one of the most versatile assassins in the Mobile Legend that can really help you rank up faster with his amazing skills. If you also love Lancelot and want to master it in the game then here are all the tips and tricks to make the best build for Lancelot.

Mobile Legends: Lancelot Guide- Best Builds & More

Lancelot best build

Lancelot is known as “Blade of Roses” in Mobile Legends. He has amazing skills and is one of the most liked Assasin by the majority of the players. Read this article till end to know all the basics, attributes, emblems, skills and abilities of Lancelot and build the best build for him.


  • Entrance Quotes- Thorns remain, should petals fall
  • Role- Assasin
  • Specialty- Chase or Burst
  • Best Lane- Jungle
  • Hero Feature- An graceful assassin that excels all others.


  • Movement Speed- 260
  • Physical Attack- 124
  • Physical Defense- 16
  • Magic Power- 0
  • Armor- 0
  • Magic Resistance- 0
  • HP- 2549
  • Mana- 450
  • Attack Speed- 100%
  • HP Regen Rate- 7
  • Mana Regen Rate- 16

Pros & Cons

Here are all the pros and cons of Lancelot in Mobile Legends.

Pros  Cons 
Clears minion waves and jungle efficiently with his second skill. Weak in an early stage of the game due to his low health
Has decent mobility but has great agility because of his first skill Very poor at making decisions
Can deal heavy damage Skill positioned during team fights and dual fights
Best hero to equip with the blade

Lancelot Best Item Build

Check out the table below to know the best items builds for Lancelot in Mobile Legends.

Offensive Build  Balanced Build 
Blade of the Heptaseas Warrior Boots
Magic Shoes Endless Battle
Endless Battle Blade of the Heptaseas
Blade Of Despair Brute Force Breastplate
Hunter Strike Rose Gold Meteor
Queen Wings Blade of Despair

Emblem Sets

Here are the two best emblem sets for Lancelot in Mobile Legends.

  • Assassin – For Mobility & Damage and for that extra movement speed and HP after each kill.
  • Physical- Gives you a small boost on your attributes and supply with innate effect

Skills And Abilities

  • Soul Cutter- This is a passive skill of Lancelot that can really make a great move by not giving any chance to the enemy to use their defense skills. It helps players to deal 20% extra damage to the enemy thereby making it defenseless.
  • Puncturing Skill- Lancelot has a unique skill that can actually leave all your enemies in great pain. By using puncture skills he is capable of dealing with 50% or more physical attacks on the enemy.

Lancelot: Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  • Take the right position before you use your skill and deal damage to the enemy. This will help you maximum damage.
  • While using the Puncture skill try and hit in the center to deal maximum physical attack.
  • Upgrade all your skills to the max.

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