Mobile Legends: How To Get Hero Fragments

Here's how you can obtain Hero Fragments in Mobile Legends Bang Bang to purchase new and powerful heroes and increase your chances of winning battles.

There are a lot of ways to get heroes in Mobile Legends, but most of them give you a hero at the expense of either spending Diamonds, getting a membership, or other in-game currency. Among them, one of the free methods is through Hero Fragments. This article will help with ways to obtain these Hero Fragments easily in Mobile Legends.

How to Earn Hero Fragment in Mobile Legends MLBB

Hero Fragment in Mobile Legends (MLBB)
Img credit- Yonri plays

Acquiring Hero Fragments isn’t that difficult in the game, they are found almost everywhere in the game. For Example, magic wheel, daily login, etc. Although these hero fragments are given in small amounts. With this you are getting heroes absolutely for free, saving the in-game currency for other stuff.

Below is the list of heroes who are available for purchase

Hero  Purchase Value
Chou 100
Odette 120
kagura 120
Alpha 120
Ruby 120
Claude 120
Kadita 120
Aamon 120
Yin 120
Edith 120
Minsitthar 120
Xavier 120

Here it is worth noting that Odette is the only hero who cannot be purchased by any other method or currency other than Hero Fragments.

Get Fragment Hero in MLBB

  • Daily Login:- In the daily login rewards, you definitely receive at least one hero fragment, which can go up to 2 in the week span. In the next week, the daily rewards reset, giving you chances of receiving another fragment again, make it at least 1 fragment per week.
  • Lucky Spin:- While in the game, you can play Lucky Spin to get these hero fragments by spending 20 tickets for one spin.
  • Medal Chest:-  There are free crates you receive every four hours. These crates can contain hero fragments along with other items. Opening these crates regularly increases your chances of getting the fragments.
  • Daily Mission:- This is the easiest way to get hero fragments, some of them have these fragments as rewards. though the chances aren’t that wide, still It’s something better than nothing.
  • Activity Chests:- As you complete the daily mission, you receive activity points, which can be used to open prized chests.
  • Event:- It is noticed that every time a new skin is available for a hero, there are events that reward HF in return. Hence, you should always look for such events to complete the task and receive hero fragments.

Paid Option

Along with the above methods, you have the option to get these fragments faster by purchasing a Starlight Membership. While you get only 2 fragments in the free path, with the membership you’ll receive an additional 5 hero fragments, making it 7 altogether.

Moreover, if you are returning back into the game after not playing for a long time, one of the returning gifts you get is Hero Fragment along with other benefits. And that sums up everything from our side on how to get Hero Fragments in Mobile Legends. If you find this guide helpful, check out our other articles like how to reach Tingkatan rank, or you can also learn how to learn how to unlock Freya in MLBB.