Lords Mobile Queen Bee Monster: Everything You Should Know

Here's everything you need to know about Lords Mobile Queen Bee Monster.

The Lords Mobile universe is filled with magical monsters and demons throughout its huge landscape. All players must take down the monsters to obtain items from them that can be further used to craft gears and potions. Among this long list of monsters is the “Queen Bee” which provides a lot of materials useful for crafting gears catered towards Cavalry & range-styled players.

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How to attack the Queen Bee in Lords Mobile? 

The Queen Bee is one of the most popular monsters in the Lord’s Mobile game. There are various strategies & combos to defeat her and is one of the easiest monsters to counter. She is vulnerable against heroes that possess a good amount of physical strength.

So heroes like Black crow & tracker are extremely good against her. Try to avoid any magic-based characters as it is least effective against her.

  • Magic based Heroes – Less Effective
  • Physical strength-based Heroes – Highly Effective

Queen Bee Lords Mobile Hero Lineup

As mentioned earlier Queen Bee is very vulnerable against heroes that have very good physical strength. The following hero combos are a really good counter to take down queen bee.

  • Trickster
  • Tracker
  • Scarlet Bolt
  • Demon Slayer
  • Black Crow
  • Vengeful Centaur
  • Femme Fatale

Rewards for taking down Queen Bee

Taking down any monsters in the game rewards the players with a set of rewards particular to that monster. If a player successfully takes down a Queen bee he/she will be rewarded with the following set of gifts.

  • Queen Venom- Rare Item
  • Bee Chrysalis
  • Royal Stinger
  • Buzzing Husk
  • Shields
  • Gems
  • Speed-ups
  • Hero Chest

Queen Bee reward rate for each item

We have seen the rewards for taking down each monster but do you know the drop rate for each reward? Here is the list of all the drop rates for all rewards that can be used for crafting gears.

  • Queen Venom – Very Rare – 3.00%
  • Royal Stinger – Rare – 6.00%
  • Buzzing Husk – Common -45.50%
  • Bee Chrysalis – Common -45.50%

What gears can be crafted from the Queen Bee rewards?

Players mainly take down monsters for their rewards. These rewards can be further used to craft gears that can be used in war. Queen Bee gears are mainly catered towards Cavalry & Range players. The following are the gears that can be crafted using the rewards obtained from taking down the queen bee.

  • Bumblehelm (Helmet)
  • Nectar Orb (Main Hand)
  • Hardened Carapace (armor)
  • Honeycomb Chaps (Legs)

Should you buy the Queen Bee Packs?

Well, the answer to this question lies in the hands of the player. If they don’t want to spend a lot of time defeating a large number of Queen Bees one after another for rewards. They can always choose the alternate route to buy her packs. The queen bee packs are currently available on sale in the game store for a price of $9.99.