Lords Mobile Research Time: Top 5 Tips To Increase It In 2022

Looking for tips to get maximum Research time in Lords Mobile? If ye, then here you go!

Research is a technology in Lords Mobile that helps players to unlock advanced military troops, traps, and other defenses.  Other than that it also plays a major part in reducing the construction time. Research time is dependent on the Academy building level, talent, equipment, and heroes. Hence players need to stay up to date with all of them to get maximum research boost in the game.

So if you are looking for some tips that will you increase your Research Time in Lords Mobile and level up faster then here is a complete guide for you!

Top 5 Best Tips To Get Maximum Research Boost In Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Research Time

1. Keep Your Academy Up To Date

Academy is the foundation in Lords Mobile. On every level you complete you get a bonus boost that keeps multiplying as you level up. This Bonus Boost will reward you with the research boost and help you upgrade the Academy. So keep updating the academy in Lords mobile to get the maximum research time on every level in the game.

2. Use Research Heroes

There are a total of three research heroes in Lords Mobile: Trickster, Witch Doll, and Choas Dragon. Make sure you use the Research Heroes in all the matches to get a 25% extra boost in the research time.

  • Trickster – Trickster is a free-to-play research hero that gives you a 25% boost when maxed to gold in researches in Academy.
  • Witch Doll – The Witch Doll is also similar to Trickster but it has to be purchased using real-world money.
  • Chaos Dragon-  This hero can be earned from Hell Events and Challenges and gives the same boot when upgraded to the max.

3. Forge Research Gears And Upgrade Them to Max

There is a set of gear called Research Gear that can get you a 128% extra boost in the Research time when maxed to gold. Make sure you forge as many gears as you can as soon as possible to get all the extra boost in Research time. Research gears need to be activated once forged hence do not forget to activate them whenever you are about to use them in the game.

4. Activate The Kingdom Boost

Activate the Kingdom Boos for 1800 gems and it will multiply all your Research time by giving 10% extra Research time for $ hours straight. The Kingdom boost has a cooldown of 24 hours so make sure once you activate it, you utilize every minute of it.

5. Take Part In Research Boost Events

These are the rare yet the most rewarding events in Lords Mobile. So whenever the event is up make sure you take a participate and take maximum advantage of it to increase your Research Time in Lords Mobile.

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