Lords Mobile Hootclaw – Lineups, Hunting, Rewards & More

Find out everything about the Lords Mobile monster Hootclaw under one roof.

The Hootclaw in Lords Mobile is an ordinary monster that thrives for 2 consecutive days in a one monster cycle. This creature is deemed to be active on the Kingdom map for 2 hours 55 minutes or until it is defeated. If murdered, a native strain of the same species immediately regenerates in the near vicinity.

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Lords Mobile Hootclaw

Hootclaw has been one of the excellent additions in Lords Mobile’s with immersive visuals, simulations, and powerful gears. Hootclaw patch lacks history making it more ideal and stand-alone to play, particularly for newcomers. He’s the fearsome creature not to be challenged and chases the hero who has the maximum health power (HP) left. This brute is known to attack a hero dwelling at longer distances because of its gigantic wingspan.

This suggests the use of only magical heroes’ lineup to pluck its weapon i.e. feathers and ultimately destroy it.

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Icon Hootclaw Icon.png
DMG Type Physical
Strong Against High PDEF
Weak Against Intelligence Heroes

Free Hero Lineup

Here are the best free heroes lineups for Hootclaw monster in Lords Mobile.

Levels Free Heroes
1 Sage of Storms, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
2 Sage of Storms, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
3 Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
4 Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
5 Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Child of Light

Paid Hero Lineup

Here are the best-paid heroes lineups for Hootclaw monster in Lords Mobile.

Levels Paid Heroes
1 Storm Fox, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Twilight Priestess
2  Storm Fox, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Twilight Priestess
3  Storm Fox, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Twilight Priestess
4 The Big Guy, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Storm Fox
5  The Big Guy, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Storm Fox

Monster Drops Rewards

Monster Lv Material and Chest Grade Speed Up Shield Gems Gold
1 Common General 60m 8h 200 15K
2 Uncommon General 3h 8h 400 50K
3 Rare General 8h 24h 600 50K
4 Epic General 15h 24h 800 200K
5 Legendary General 24h 3d 1000 600K

Monster Material Rewards

Besides the above drops, Hootclaw also tends to drops the additional monster materials listed below which helps you craft Hootclaw Set.

  • Rare Lunar Crest
  • Scarlet Feather
  • Weeping Wood
  • Wild Fruit
  • Hero Chest
  • Resources

Chest Rewards

The Hootclaw gives you the Hero Chest, which houses trophies, awards, and medals for your heroes. The quantity of drop you get is determined by your Chest grade.

Icons Chest Grades Drops
Common Hero Chest.png Common Trophies
Uncommon Hero Chest.png Uncommon Trophies/Shards
Rare Hero Chest.png Rare Shards
Epic Hero Chest.png Epic Shards/Medals
Legendary Hero Chest.png Legendary Shards/Medals

This chest is not for sale and can only be acquired by Guild Gifts and Event Prizes. And if you’re fortunate, you’ll get this chest after slaying monsters.

Lords Mobile Hootclaw Gearhootclaw-lords-mobile

  • Strigine Hood (Helmet) – It’s pretty easy to max this gear. At Mythic, it offers you a Cav Boost of 9.8%, Cav HP of 14%, and Army Max HP 4.2%.
  • Stealthly Step (Legs) – Its Range ATK boost is 22.4% and Army Max HP of 11.2% at Mythic.
  • Lunar Boomerang (Off-Hand) – This gear is incredible. At mythic, the Boomerang offers 42% CAV ATK and 21% CAV Max HP. That’s MASSIVE!
  • Beastly Breastplate (Armor) – This is another amazing gear for the range which at full power delivers a Range ATK boost of 49% and Range Max HP of 21%.

Final Verdict

This update is not up to the mark and very useful. However, if you intend to defeat Hootclaw in Lords Mobile then god bless you!

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This is your all-in-one guide for Lords Mobile Hootclaw. Keep visiting back GamesAdda because we will be publishing information about the other Lords Mobile Monsters soon.