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Lords Mobile Gawrilla Lineups, Hunting, Gears, Rewards & More

Here you can find all relevant and useful information about Lords Mobile's latest monster Gawrilla.

If you’ve been playing the massively multiplayer online video game Lords Mobile for a while, you’re probably familiar with the monster Tusker, which was later deleted. Well, Gawrilla is none other than Tusker, who has made a comeback in the game, but in a modified form.

And for those who are new to the game, The Gawrilla was initially added as the Tusker on February 21, 2021. It was quickly withdrawn, only to be reintroduced as the Gawrilla in March 2021. Let’s dive deeper into the details of the newest monster Gawrilla in Lords Mobile.

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Lords Mobile – Gawrilla

Gawrilla, like every other monster in this real-time strategy RPG title, spawns twice in a row during one monster cycle. The beast roams the Kingdom Map for about 2 hours and 55 minutes, or before you kill it if you’re lucky. When the monster is dead, a new monster of the same kind emerges at a closer range.

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Normally, the beast’s primary target is the hero with the highest Max HP. As a result, you’d want to get out of his way, or else all of the heroes in the surrounding will be brutally severely injured. It is a better choice to defeat the demon using magical powers since physical attacks are pointless.


DMG Type Physical
Strong Against High PDEF
Weak Against Intelligent Heroes

Free Hero Lineup

Here are the best free heroes lineups for the Gawrilla monster in Lords Mobile. Level 1 has three options: A, B, and C so choose the one that best suits you.

Level Free Heroes
1 A – Incinerator, Bombin’ Goblin, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Sage of Storms
B – Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Tracker, Incinerator, Trickster
C – Incinerator, Bombin’ Goblin, Child of Light, Elementalist, Snow Queen
2 Incinerator, Bombin’ Goblin, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Sage of Storms
3 Prima Donna, Incinerator, Bombin’ Goblin, Elementalist, Sage of Storms
4 Child of Light, Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Sage of Storms
5 Child of Light, Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Sage of Storms

Paid Hero Lineup

Here are the best-paid heroes lineups for the Gawrilla monster in Lords Mobile. Again, Level 3 has three choices (A, B, and C) and Level 5 has 2 choices (A and B), so select carefully.

Level Paid Heroes
1 Incinerator, Elementalist, Storm Fox, Petite Devil, Twilight Priestess
2 Elementalist, Storm Fox, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil, Incinerator
3 A – Elementalist, Storm Fox, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
B – Incinerator, Storm Fox, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
C – Incinerator, Snail Princess, Storm Fox, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
4 Storm Fox, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil, Dream Witch, Witch Doll
5 A – Storm Fox, Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil, Dream Witch, Witch Doll
B – Child of Light, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Lore Weaver, Dream Witch

Monster Drops Rewards

Level Material/Chest Grade Speed Up Shield Gems Gold
1 Common General 60m 8h 200 15K
2 Uncommon General 3h 8h 400 50K
3 Rare General 8h 24h 600 50K
4 Epic General 15h 24h 800 200K
5 Legendary General 24h 3d 1000 600K

Monster Material Rewards

In addition to the drops listed above, Gawrilla offers the following materials for you to use in designing Garwilla gears.

  • Mark of Fury
  • Brass Sting
  • Brass Ring
  • Gawrilla’s Rage

Chest Rewards

The Gawrilla gives you the Hero Chest, which features trophies, awards, and medals for your heroes. The drop you get is defined by your Chest grade.

Chest Grades Drops
Common Trophies
Uncommon Trophies/Shards
Rare Shards
Epic Shards/Medals
Legendary Shards/Medals

This chest is not up for sale, and it can only be obtained by Guild Gifts and Event Prizes. So, if you’re lucky, you’ll get this chest after beating the Gawrilla in Lords Mobile using GamesAdda’s suggested hero lineup.

Lords Mobile Gawrilla Gears

Cavalry sets are the most recent equipment sets or gears that can be made using Gawrilla drops.

1. Brass Armor At Level 45

  • Cavalry ATK: 12.6%
  • Cavalry VER: 9.8%
  • Cavalry Max. HP: 15.4%

2. Beast Waist Guard As Legs At level 50

  • Cavalry ATK 22.4%
  • Cavalry VER: 16.8%
  • Army VER: 16.8%

3. Eon Ax As Weapon Hand At Level 60

  • Cavalry ATK: 52.5%
  • Cavalry VER: 14.0%
  • Cavalry Max. TP: 14.0%

4. Violent Solution As Accessory At Level 60 

  • Cavalry ATK: 35.0%
  • Cavalry VER: 10.5%
  • Cavalry Max. TP: 14.0%

Final Verdict

Since the beast is brand new, it is difficult to determine whether it is worth spending time in. However, you can only learn until you give it a shot, so use the hero lineup suggested in this guide to make the killing job simpler.

This was a comprehensive guide for Lords Mobile’s latest addition, Gawrilla. Keep coming back here because I’ll be posting about more monsters soon.