Lords Mobile Redemption Codes (August 2021): How To Redeem Gift Codes

Here's the full list of Lords Mobile gift codes to redeem right now.

Our list of Lords Mobile redemption codes is up to date and it has all the latest and working codes that can be redeemed right now (August 2021). Since Lords Mobile promo codes expire over time, I advise you to redeem them as quickly as possible.

If you redeem the following Lords Mobile promo codes before they expire, you will earn a lot of rewards such as VIP points, Speed Up, Material Chest, Gems, and more.

Similar to Roblox game codes, we test and verify every Lords Mobile code that we update here. In order to avoid confusion and save your time, I have enlisted both working and expired codes separately.

Here Are All Lords Mobile Redemption Codes – August 2021

As we have already mentioned above, all Lords Mobile promo codes that we have mentioned in the Active Codes section were 100% working and active at the time of writing this post. However, if you find any code that is invalid or expired, do let us know about that code in the comment section below.

Active Codes

Here’s the full list of Lords Mobile promo codes and what they provide when redeemed:

  • LM001 – Redeem this code for x2 workout Speed Up for 3 hours and x2 50,000 gold
    Vergeway – Redeem this code for Speed Up Training (3h) x5, Material Chest x1, Speed Up Research (3h) x5, 50,000 Gold x1, 150,000 Ore x1, 150,000 Timber x1, 150,000 Stones x1, 500,000 Food x1, Relocator x1, Speed Up (3 h) x1, 2,000 Energy x1and 100 VIP Points x5 (Valid Until June 30th, 2021)
  • IGG15th – Redeem this code for Speed Up Research (15h) x1, Speed Up Training (15h) x1 and Speed Up (15h) x3
  • SAINTSEIYA – Redeem this code for 5x 3 hours research acceleration, 50,000 gold, 150,000 ore, 150,000 wood, 150,000 stone, 500,000 food, 5 accelerations of 3 hours each, 1 courage, 2,000 energy and 100 VIP points (x5)
  • Chadra5 – Redeem this code for Workout Speed Up by 15 hours, 500 VIP points, Speed Up for 24 hours and x2000 gems
  • Alice5 – Redeem this code for x2000 Energy, x500 VIP points, x1 Speed Up for 24 hours and x2000 Gems
  • LM2021 – Redeem this code for x2 workout Speed Up for 3 hours and x2 50,000 gold
  • SHANE5 – Redeem this code for  x2000 Gems, x500 Vip Points and Army DEF boost (50%)
  • Joan5 – Redeem this code for x500 VIP points, + 50% army attack and x2000 gems
  • wesley5 – Redeem this code for x2000 gems, x500 VIP points and x1 Speed Up for 15 hours
  • zdu3g7a6 – Redeem this code for x10,000 energy, x1 shield for 8 hours and + 25% bonus to attack
  • LM648 – Redeem this code for x1 shield for 8 hours and x3 Speed Up of workout for 8 hours

Expired Codes

The following Lords Mobile codes are no longer active and can’t be redeemed:

  • 3n7yuxv6
  • 6XEK34RJ
  • EARN717656
  • 14567823
  • 3n7yuxv6

How Do I Redeem Lords Mobile Promo Codes?

It is straightforward to redeem codes in Lords Mobile. However, if you don’t know the code redemption process then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, visit Lords Mobile Exchange Center. You can visit the Exchange Center by clicking on this link.

Lords Mobile Redemption Code

  • Once on the websites, you will be asked to enter your IGG ID (Player name) and Gift code.
  • You can enter any of the active codes mentioned above.
  • Once entered, click on the Claim button to get your reward.

Alternatively, you can also redeem Lords Mobile Gift codes directly from the game. For that, you simply need to tap on the Redemption Code option, which can be found on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes

That’s everything you need to know about Lords Mobile Redemption codes.