Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel: Secret Pack List (2022)

Players can collect over 10,000 cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel is a digital card game that has been the talk of the gaming community recently. The game is free-to-play but does have in-game purchases. In this game, players can generate cards they need by using Craft Points. Eventually, players can collect over 10,000 cards in the game. While most of these cards can be crafted or bought, Yo-Gi-Oh Master Duel also has Secret Packs that need to be unlocked in the game. Below, we will discuss the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Secret Pack List and how you can unlock these.

Secret Pack List For Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Secret Packs were confirmed to exist in the game with a tweet from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Guide. The tweet stated, “The Shop will allow you to purchase: Card Packs, Structure Decks, Accessories & More! Normal Packs, Bonus Packs and something hidden are available. These could be the “Secret/Legacy Packs” seen elsewhere.”

There are two confirmed Secret Packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel so far.

‘Darkest Magics’ Secret Pack

This Secret Pack is all about the Dark Magician as the name suggests. To unlock this secret pack in Yu-Gi-Oh players just need to craft an Ultra Rare (UR) or Super Rare (SR) card that is in the pack. This can be quite confusing as players have no idea which cards are in the Secret Deck. If they have no idea what card they are looking for, they would just have to buy a lot of master packs until they find the right card. However, it has been confirmed that crafting the ‘Dark Magical Circle’ unlocks the ‘Darkest Magics’ Secret Pack. It costs 30 crafting points to craft. So players do not need to spend a lot on master packs, they can just craft that particular card and unlock this secret Yu-Gi-Oh pack.

‘The Azure In The Ivory’ Secret Pack

Unlike the ‘Dark Magics’ secret pack, this pack is centred around the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Players can find powerful cards like the Sage With Eyes Of Blue and the Maiden With Eyes Of Blue in this pack. Those looking to unlock this secret pack will need to craft a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card that is a part of the pack. To make things easier, we can confirm that crafting the Super Rare ‘The White Stone of the Ancients’ card will unlock this secret deck.

The Secret Packs section in the store will remain blank until players have successfully unlocked the secret packs. That is all there is to know about the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Secret Pack List for now. Understand how ranking works in this game with Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Ranking System Explained (January 2022)