Yahtzee With Buddies Cheats: Tips & Tricks To Get Ahead

Be the best players in the game with these helpful hints.

Yahtzee With Buddies is a free-to-play multiplayer game that is a reimagining of the old-classic. Players can compete against AI, friends, random players from around the world, or compete in tournaments. It is available to play on Android and iOS platforms. Today, we will be discussing some Yahtzee With Buddies cheats, tips, and tricks that can help players ace the game.

Yahtzee With Buddies Cheats, Tips & Tricks


Since a large part of winning in Yahtzee With Buddies depends on luck, there aren’t a lot of cheats that can help out players. However, there are still some useful tips that players can apply in their game to surpass competition. Let us take a quick look at these pointers below.

Section Bonus


Players can try to complete the Section Bonus which is worth 35 points alone. It is located below the six regular dices. If the sum of the points from the regular dice rolls is equal to the number indicated in the ring, the players will get Section Bonus points.

Big Combos

Players should also remember to save bigger play slots for bigger combos. Moreover, special dice rolls like Full House, the Straights, and Yahtzee are equivalent to a fixed amount irrespective of the dice. They can be quite helpful in putting players leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. Players that get Yahtzee get 50 points which can be a sure shot way to victory.

Play The Dice Masters Regularly

There are a multiple cheats or tricks to earn cool rewards that will later help players in Yahtzee With Buddies. One such method is to take on the Dice Masters in the game. Taking on the Dice Masters means that players will be competing against an AI. Since AI responds  instantly, players can chart in a lot of games in a single day.

To face off against Dice Masters, players can go to Showdowns where they will be rewarded with XP if they beat the Dice Masters.

Play Regularly

This is a fairly straightforward point. The more players practice the better they will get at the game. In addition, winning gives players a number of rewards that can help players move forward in the game.

That is all about the Yahtzee With Buddies cheats, tips, and tricks. For more gaming guides, check out the Fastest Cars In Pixel Car Racer.