World Of Warcraft Mobile: How To Download APK?

The World Of Warcraft Mobile is releasing soon.

World of Warcraft is a popular MMORPG game that was first released in 2004. Since then it has been rising steadily in popularity and has built a very loyal player base. Owing to its insane popularity, the game is now getting a mobile version. Scheduled to release in May, the World Of Warcraft Mobile is being eyed with interest in the gaming community. Players are curious to know what similarities and differences WoW Mobile will have to the original version. However, the main question in every player’s mind is how they can download the World Of Warcraft Mobile APK.

How To Download World Of Warcraft Mobile APK?



Currently, it is not possible to download the World Of Warcraft Mobile APK. Players will be able to download it once it releases. The game has a release date of May 3, 2022. Till then, players will have to make do with their PC and Console versions of the game. Even after it is released, it is best to download the game from verified distribution platforms. More information about the game will be provided in the Game Reveal scheduled for May 3. Players can check out the Livestream here.

In addition to World Of Warcraft Mobile, Blizzard is also gearing up for the release of Diablo Immortal. It is starting to look like a great time to be a mobile player who enjoys Blizzard games.


Addressing the arrival of World Of Warcraft Mobile, Blizzard stated on their website, “The Warcraft Universe still captures the imagination of the world with the enlightening experiences and immersive gameplay that are the foundation of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. We’re delighted to introduce a new mobile game for Heroes of Azeroth who want to play on the go, and we’ll bring it to you as soon as possible. Mark your calendar and set your alarms as we unveil the next rewarding mobile experience designed from foundation for mobile devices—you won’t want to miss it.”

In the meantime, players looking for a World Of Warcraft Mobile APK download can only wait. Players wondering if their WoW server is down should check out How To Check Status Of The World Of Warcraft Server?