Wind Archer Cookie In Cookie Run: Ovenbreak (2022)

Here's how players can get this cookie in the game.

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is a free-to-play mobile game that was released in 2016. While the game has a lot of cookies that players can get, there are only 5 Legendary cookies. The Wind Archer is a Legendary cookie in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak alongside the Tiger Lily, Fire Spirit, Moonlight, and Sea Fairy cookie.

Players that want to get the Wind Archer cookie in the game can follow our guide below.

How To Get The Wind Archer Cookie In Cookie Run: Ovenbreak?


The Wind Archer Cookie was introduced in the game in March 2017. This cookie loves the forest and archery. He can strike down fallen spirits and earn points. This cookie likes the Pale Leaf and Solid Black Sugar Crystal as gifts. However, he dislikes the Broken Key Fragment and Millennial Tree tears.

The Wind Archer cookie can purify fallen spirits by shooting them with his arrow. Once shot, the fallen spirit turns into a bird-like creature that flies away. However, things take a darker turn when the Wind Archer cookie is wearing the Night Raven costume. In this costume, the opposite happens with the cookie shooting at the spirits and contaminating them instead.

Players that want to get this cookie in the game will first have to reach Champion’s League. Once players have done that, they will have unlocked this Legendary cookie.

All Legendary cookies in the game can not be purchased in the game. Players can only obtain them by collecting Mystery Jewels or another specific item. These are the highest grade  cookies in the game currently and grant additional health points to players.

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