How To Win GTA V Online Land Races

Here are all the tips and tricks that can help players race ahead.

Grand Theft Auto Online is an online multiplayer action-adventure game where players can go on missions, explore the open world, and participate in mini-games. The GTA V Online Land Races are one such activity that players can participate in but it can be a challenge to win them.

Players can participate in 8 or 16-player land races with multiple tracks. Whichever format players choose, they can get reputation points and money for winning the race. Here are a few tips and tricks to win the GTA V Online Land Races.

How to Win Land Races In GTA V Online?


There are some simple but effective tricks that players can employ the next time they are in a land race. These pointers will help players improve upon their performance and win the races.

Avoid Getting Rammed By Other Vehicles

Getting slammed by other vehicles can set back a player’s progress considerably. However, it is quite a common occurrence and players will have to make efforts to not get hit by other vehicles. If players get hit by another vehicle, they risk crashing, slowing down, or getting thrown off-track. None of these things are desirable for players that want to stay ahead of the curve.

Players especially need to be careful when maneuvering past a large number of vehicles. Often, players can just veer off control during the turns and hit other players accidentally. Therefore, players need to be careful and be on the lookout for other vehicles that might ram into them accidentally or on purpose.

Missing Checkpoints

Checkpoints are put in place to track the progress of players through the race. If a player misses a checkpoint, they will have to go back and  hit it. This will end up taking a lot of time and give other players an unbeatable advantage over the player. This is why players must make sure that they hit each checkpoint as they go. This will ensure that they are on the right track to win the land races.

To keep better track of the checkpoints, players can check their mini-map regularly. In addition, players should also stick to the path and not take shortcuts to try and win. This might get them ahead of other players but they may end up missing a check-point. Also, practicing the tracks repeatedly will help players breeze through them easily.

Passing Other Vehicles

Players must not pass other players rashly but wait for a good opportunity to do so. Players must be cautious of vehicles ramming into them as they try to overtake them. In addition, if players accelerate more than they can control, they will lose control of the vehicle and end up crashing. Depending on the severity of the crash, it might knock players out of the race for good.

Vehicle Choice

This is a obvious point but not one players pay enough attention to. A good vehicle can help players win land races in GTA V Online easily. Picking a vehicle with excellent acceleration will help players navigate the tracks easily. Since players do need to control the speed for the tracks, they need a car with good handling as well.

Speed Boost at the Start of the Race

Players can get ahead of the competition by hitting the speed boost at the start of the race. To do this, players will have to hit the gas at the exact moment when the GO sign appears. Pressing the button at the right time will give the players a minor speed boost that can propel them ahead of other vehicles.

These are all the tips and tricks to win Land Races in GTA V Online. For more gaming guides, check out GTA Online Agency Vehicle Workshop – Features And How To Use?