Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Want to know whether Wildberry Cookie is good?

Wildberry Cookie is a new addition to the Cookie Run Kingdom family. He has been featured on his own gacha banner to help players get him easily. Banners usually last for around 41 days. And so, you have an increased chance of getting Wildberry till the 13the of June. But is Wildberry Cookie good? And what are the best builds or toppings for Wildberry in Cookie Run Kingdom? This is the guide that tells you everything that you need to know.

Is Wildberry Cookie Good in CRK?

Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Wildberry is like a combination of Gingerbrave Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie. Since Wildberry rams into the enemy before stunning them for a moment. Wildberry tends to deal a whole lot more in terms of damage in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). Despite being a defensive Cookie, Wildberry sure does pack a punch.

And just like Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Wildberry will also provide an additional 15% in DMG Resist to all allies. This is only for a short amount of time though. And even though Strawberry Crepe has a stronger DMG Resist, many prefer Wildberry instead. This is because his stun is just that good when combined with the DMG Resist.

Find the toppings and Wildberry builds that have worked best for most players in CRK:

  • X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings 
  • X5 Whole Almonds Toppings

When choosing cookie toppings, it is also important to have these substats:

  • DMG Resist
  • Crit Resist
  • DEF
  • HP

Other substats that you can have if you want on Wildberry are ATK, CRIT, and if you feel like it, then ATK Speed.

All in all, we would highly recommend Wildberry Cookie in CRK. Not only is he a great defence Cookie but he is also a great addition to your offence.

A great Cookie and an even better teammate, Wildberry is a powerful addition to your team. And he will not disappoint on the field. What do you think about this fast-growing crowd favourite? Is he joining your team soon or would you rather defeat him as an opponent?

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