Dislyte: Who is Nezha Li Ling?

Wondering who Li Ling Nezha is? this article will help you.

Nezha Li Ling is a protection god in Chinese mythology, who according to some experts, has a similarity with some Hindu mythological figures. In this article, you’ll learn about who Nezha Li Ling is and why is he special in Dislyte.

Who is Nezha Li Ling in Dislyte?

Who Is Nezha Li Ling In Dislyte


According to Chinese myth, he’s the son of a military commander born in the Shang period who defeated the dragon prince. Also known as Marshal of the Central Altar.
Many fictional shows have taken him as a reference and one of those is Dislyte.

Personal Details

Here he is a 177cm long and 21 years old Ops Chief. His Affiliation is Esper Union, and he’s a five-star rarity character hero. His favorite food is spicy hot pot, his instructor is Raven and his sparring partner is Lewis.

Powers and Skills

As a captain, he can increase the attack power of allies by 30%. His skills include Lanceburner, Tai Chi, and Altar. Lanceburner is an ability that allows him to deal damage of up to 130% and also absorbs enemies’ attack points by 15%, Tai Chi allows him to attack his enemy by five times, each time reaching 36% of damage, and lastly, the third ability is Altar, it allows him to attack his enemy three times, each reaching to 28% and also steals 10% of enemies attack points.

His base statistics are, attack 1204, hit point is 12392, defense is 861 and speed is 105. His ascension phase is, attack 70+, defense 70+, buff of second ability Tai Chi, speed 5+, hit points +15%, and attack +20%.3o Elite inferno and 40 advanced infernos are required for ascending him in phase six.

Recommended sets for him are War Machine x 4, Hades x 4, Fiery Incandescence x 2, Sword Avatara x 2 and Hammer of Thor x 4.

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