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Where Is The Health Hub In The Sims Freeplay

Build a health hub to increase your Town Value and unlock Grooving Guru.

The Sims franchise makes some of the best life simulation games. Where players not only get to create their town, city, and island. But also its residents, their future, career, hobby, and health. The game is based on real life, so Sims need to maintain their hunger, hygiene, sleep, and more. There are Community Center, Nightclub, Health Hub, and other facilities people need for living life and entertainment. But where is Health Hub in The Sims Freeplay? Check out this guide to know.

The Sims Freeplay: Where is Health Hub and Why Do We Need It?

Health Hub Sims Freeplay

Health is a facility that unlocks after level 15 of the game. And was not originally part of the game, but was added somewhere in 2017. Seeing the demand and as a holiday update. This Health Hub is right next to the Pet Salon and in front of the Community Center. Go to the right side of your map and look for the Community Center. If the Center is not built, you will see a grass field with a road ending in the middle, and in front of that is the Health Hub.

Why Do We Need It and How to Build It?

Once you have learned its location, you might be thinking about how to build it, what it contains, and why we need it. Keep reading to know. Building this facility will unlock Discovery quest: Grooving Guru and Hobby: Aerobics. The place is divided into three sections: Kitchen, Workout Area, and Bathroom.

The kitchen looks cozy and has a coffee machine with Decaf-free Coffee. Plus, you also create and order juice here. The Workout Area has treadmills, rowing machines, and aerobics mats. And the last area, the Bathroom, has showers and toilets.

Building this facility costs 50,000 Simoleans and requires 9 Sims. It takes more than a day to build and increases the Town’s Value by 150,000.

This article elaborated on the location of the Health Hub in The Sims Freeplay. Are you looking for more Sims guides? Check out the Teenagers quest guide and Fashion Designer hobby.