How To Open Water Temple Of The Waves Door In Palia

Stuck at the main quest Ancient Battery and cannot enter the Water Temple of the Waves? Here is how to unlock its door and complete the quest.

Near Phoenix Falls, north of Kilima Valley, is a place where you begin your journey. In those ruins is an unopened gate, which you unlock while completing one main story quest, Ancient Battery. However, even after getting access to that ruins gate, you find yourself unable to progress further. According to a riddle written in the brass door, to enter the Temple of the Waves aka Water Temple in Palia, you must supply that which grows life.

Even after reading all the clues scattered around the chamber, it can be pretty tricky to crack the riddle. It is fun to solve them unless you have been trying different things for days, but nothing works. Since it cannot be avoided, here is what you need to do to open the door.

How Do I Get to the Water Temple of the Waves in Palia

How Do I Get to the Water Temple of the Waves in Palia
Fill your Water Can from here in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Time and time civilizations flourished around the waters, whether it be plants, animals, or us, none survives without it. So, the answer to this riddle is water. You will see a lot of it on the right and left side of the chamber. Just equip your Water Can and fill it with the water coming from the falls in the room.

Water Temple Bowl in Palia
Put water in this bowl to open temple door in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Take it to the Water Bowl in the center and fill that using a left-click. You will see a cutscene, opening the brass door in front of you. This is the Water Temple you were looking to unlock.

How to Solve Temple of the Waves to Unlock Vault of the Waves

After entering the gates, you will get a new quest, Echoes of the Unknown. To complete this quest, you must first finish another quest, Like a Bird. For that, talk to the Najuma and then give him 3 Sapwood Plank, 2 Fabric, and 5 Leather. You will get a Glider as a reward. Return to the temple and talk to Jina.

  • She will tell you to investigate the glowing carving.
  • For this, jump down from the cliff and press space to activate the Glider.
  • Fly to the temple ruins and look around to find a Geyser.
Solve Temple of the Waves to Unlock Vault of the Waves
Using the Geyser go higher in Temple of the Waves (Screenshot by Games Adda)
  • Stand on the Geyser, and it will take you up. Use the glider again and fly towards the stairs that take you to the upper room.
  • There you will see an unsloved sliding fish puzzle.
Night Sky Temple Vault of Waves Sliding Fish Puzzle
Solve sliding fish puzzle to unlock Night Sky Temple Vault of Waves in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)
  • Complete it to unlock the Night Sky Temple Vault of Waves.
  • Meet Jina in the ruins near Hekla’s tent. Follow the quest marker to reach there.

That’s all you have to do to unlock and complete the Water Temple of the Waves in Palia. For more topics like this, check out our dedicated section and save Games Adda to solve any future queries