All Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats For PS4, Xbox One And PC (December 2021)

Here's a complete list of Watch Dogs Legion cheats for PS4, PC and Xbox One

Watch Dogs Legion is one of the biggest video games released during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft, it is a sequel to Watch Dogs 2, which was released in the year 2016. Unlike previous titles, Watch Dogs Legion is a bit complicated and that’s the reason why players have recently been searching for its cheats.

Regardless of whether you are playing it on PS4 and PC, the following Watch Dogs Legion cheats will surely make your game a lot easier and enjoyable. With the help of cheat codes provided below, players can easily solve every puzzle and make tons of money in no time.

Before you provide you a complete list of Watch Dogs Legion cheats for PS4 and PC, let me tell you that using cheat codes in the game is a bit different than traditional games. To cheat in Watch Dogs Legion, players will have to activate certain settings first. Doing this will even make complicated things a lot easier.

All Watch Dogs Legion Cheats For PS4, Xbox One & PC

Easy Puzzles

When you enable the ‘Simple Puzzle’ option in the Accessibility menu, all node puzzles that you come across can easily be solved.

Fast Money

Those who have played the game for a while must know the way of making a lot of money instantly. The best option to have a sizable amount of money is to hack the Parcel Fox delivery drones.

To earn plenty of money in Watch Dogs Legion, I highly recommend you heading to a road that numerous drones flying past and collect them all for huge money.

Open Doors Without Hacking

There are plenty of doors in the games that need to be opened without getting caught by the Police. With the help of this cheat, you can easily open the door without interacting or using the spider bot.

Since it requires you to have contact with guards, you can use emote or fire a weapon to grab their attention.

Here’s a complete list of Watch Dogs Legion cheats that you can use when you are playing the game using Plitch trainer. To download the trainer, click on this link.

Cheats Key
Prepare NUM 0
Unlimited Coins NUM 3
Unlimited Ammo NUM 1
Refill Health LCTRL F1
Unlimited Tech Points NUM 4
No Reload NUM 2
Godmode NUM 6
Fast Hack Cooldawn NUM 8
No Wanted Level NUM 5
Stealth NUM 7

That’s everything you need to know about Watch Dogs Legion cheats for PS4 and PC.