Warframe: How To Do The Endless Kuva Survival (Kuva Farming)

Kuva is a rare currency in Warframe. Let's see how to get unlimited Kuva in Warframe and how to do Endless Kuva Farming in Warframe.

Warframe might have had a bad start, but with every update, the developers have added new storylines, weapons, and locations. Kuva is a currency in Warframe that was initially available at very few places, but after a few updates, players can farm Kuva, and the developers have also released an Endless Kuva survival mode in Warframe. The Endless Kuva mode claims to give players an endless supply of Kuva, but only if they can survive. Let’s see what the Kuva Survival mode is in Warframe and how to farm Kuva.

How To Farm Kuva In Warframe? (Endless Kuva Survival Guide)

  • Players need first to complete the War Within mission in Warframe to be eligible to collect and farm Kuva.
  • After completing that, you need to go to Taveuni, a survival mission in the Kuva Fortress. This is a bit different from the other survival missions as here, the enemy you are chasing has his location locked on the map. This helps you in tracking down the enemy but catching him isn’t the complete mission.
  • After killing the enemy, you will get the Kuva catalyst he was carrying. Take the Kuva catalyst to the nearest inactive life support tower and put it in. Now the life support tower will become a Kuva harvester.
  • Once you have set the harvester, all the enemies will try to destroy it. Players have to protect the new Kuva harvester for 1 min, and if the enemies destroy it, you will lose out on the Kuva and the life support tower.
  • After protecting the harvester for 1 min, all the players will get 200 Kuva, and a new kuva catalyst will spawn near the harvester.
  • Take the new Kuva catalyst to another life support tower to convert it into a Kuva harvester. The more you repeat this process, the more Kuva you can get, but you should know the more harvesters you make more complicated it gets.

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