How To Get Undead Skull In Roblox Wacky Wizard?

Here is a way to get Undead Skull in Wacky Wizard!

The undead skull in Roblox Wacky Wizard is an ingredient that was added to the game on Halloween. This is a very interesting ingredient in the game that can be obtained from the graveyard in the deserts in the game. To unlock an undead skull isn’t that easy as it involves fights with zombies. And to deal with these zombies you need to first craft some weapons in Wacky Wizard.

If you still find it a little confusing then read further and understand all the steps to get an Undead Skull in Wacky Wizard.

Wacky Wizard: How To Get Undead Skull?

Undead skull in Wacky Wizard

The Undead skull can be found in a graveyard that is located in the Desert in a cave called Spider Cave. Head to the cave and get the item that will help you make different potions and some other items in Wacky Wizard.

Before you start moving towards the Desert you first need to craft some weapons to fight against zombies in the graveyard. Here is a list of a few weapons that will help you give a tough fight. It isn’t necessary to craft the same weapons. You can choose to craft any weapon that is available in PVP mode in Wacky Wizard.

Potion Number Potion Name Ingredients Description
185 Flamethrower potion Gun + Chilli Burn People
192 Poison hair potion Gun + Spider Fire Gurt
P117 Saber potion Superhero Cape + Boxing Gloves Voosh

Once you manage to get the weapon start moving towards the Spider Cave. Enter the graveyard, here you will see zombies spawning randomly. Kill the zombies with the weapon that you got and collect candy and an undead skull from the drops. Now you can use this skull to make several potions in the game.

List Of Potions That Can Be Made With Undead Skull:

Here is a list of all the potions that can be made using Undead Skull in Wacky Wizard.

Potion Number Potion Name Ingredients Description
248 Skeleton-spine potion Undead Skull Grow a skeleton spine!
249 RIP potion Undead Skull + Rotten Sandwich Placed in a grave
250 Skeleton arms potion Undead Skull + Fairy Get skeleton arms!
251 Frankenstein potion Undead Skull + You Become Frankenstein!
252 Giant-cyclops potion Undead Skull + Giant’s Ear Become a Cyclops!
253 Bone-gloves potion Undead Skull + Boxing Gloves Bone Gloves!
254 Skull potion Undead Skull + Brain Grow a skeleton head!
255 Zombie-fish potion Undead Skull + Fish Become a Zombie Fish!
256 Mr-explosion potion Undead Skull + Dynamite Mr-explosion potion
257 Skeleton wings potion Undead Skull + Bird Grow Skeleton Wings!
258 Skull-legs potion Undead Skull + Giraffe Hoof Grow skeleton legs!
259 Demon-girl potion Undead Skull + Spider Run around possessed!
261 Bone-bow potion Undead Skull + Gun Get a bone bow
262 Fire-spine potion Undead Skull + Chilli Get a pet pumpkin
264 Zom-bee potion Undead Skull + Honey Become a ZOM-BEE

This is everything you need to know about how to get a skull in Wacky Wizard. For more such guides, check out our Wacky Wizard Guides.